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Activities at CLUB ÇAMYUVA

Couples (and all those who want to be) will love this romantic bay in front of ROBINSON CLUB ÇAMYUVA. You can relax here on the beach, surrounded by cliffs. Enjoy endless sunbathing, sports and meeting new people until the sun goes down. And so that you can relax in style, there is even a bed waiting for you on the beach — after all, it is summer!

If you love being active, if you're looking for the perfect mix of sport, shows and parties, if you love spending time by yourself just as much as being part of a vibrant community,

then our spacious club resort in beautiful natural surroundings with ROBINSON's largest outdoor sport and WellFit® program is the perfect place for you. In the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere of our club you will fit in and make new friends straight away. Look forward to many TOP events, sports events weeks and classic ÇAMYUVA action.

Our TIP: Lifestyle, sports and music! Palladium meets K-SWISS at ROBINSON CLUB CAMYUVA from June 12 until June 19, 2015. The event is included in the club price. 

Water Sports
Fun is What You Make It!
Fun is What You Make It!

Do you want to drift along or take control of the sail yourself? The water is crystal clear and deep enough for the full range of water sports. Whether sailing in a catamaran, surfing or trying out ROBINSON's current favorite trendstand-up paddling—the waves are all yours. Fun is what you make it! 

You're sure to quickly find like-minded people, as ROBINS and guests have one thing in common: They're full of energy and enjoy life.

Enjoy a wide variety of water and beach sports for single travelers and couples alike at ROBINSON CLUB ÇAMYUVA in Kemer, Turkey.

Water Sports*
Surfing, sailing, stand-up paddling, waterskiing, wakeboarding and diving

Bring with you a recognized surfing or catamaran certificate (or equivalent proficiency certificate and proof of experience) to hire Naish/TOPCAT windsurfing and catamaran equipment free of charge. Windsurfing and catamaran courses provided in accordance with VDWS (Association of German windsurfing and watersport schools) guidelines available (additional charge).
Perfect area for windsurfing and catamaran novices.

Beautiful bays for stand-up paddling. Boards for hire, courses on request (additional charge).

Excellent SSI diving school. Hire equipment and diving excursions available (additional charge).

Fitness in the Great Outdoors
Fitness in the Great Outdoors

On the club lawns you'll find the largest outdoor WellFit® area that ROBINSON has ever created.

There is plenty of space for finding your physical and spiritual balance. Find your perfect mix of wellness and fitness with yoga, pilates and

an extensive Body & Mind program to recharge your batteries for the exciting night you have ahead.

We'll pamper you in the hamam, our Turkish steam bath (external company, additional charge). After just a few days your skin will feel as soft as anything.

Facilities, fitness courses, personal training and spa offers

Bathrobe, flowers, cosmetics set and fruit in your room on the day you arrive, as well as a voucher for a 20-minute WellFit® spa experience.
Price: 42.21£ per person/stay, book at the club.

Fitness studio, two open-air WellFit® areas, WellFit® spa, Finnish sauna, hamam (additional charge) and steam bath.

HOT IRON™, indoor cycling, TRX®, rope training, dance, Body Styling, Step, Aqua Fit, Aqua Cycling and more.

Yoga, pilates, Stretch & Relax, expiring in summer 2015: BODY SKILLS® release
NEW in summer 2016: fascialFACTS® (functional training concept)

Tailored fitness program (additional charge).

Sauna; treatments* (additional charge): massage, beauty, Ayurveda, hamam

WellFit® Camp Camyuva inclusive
May 27–June 3, 2016 

“Love sports and enjoy life?
Looking for the perfect mix of sports and nightlife? Then look no further than our WellFit® camp in the beautiful ROBINSON Club Camyuva! Meet international TOP experts from the fitness, health, and dance industry, and discover the newest exercise and health trends. 

A week of indulgence awaits you here at the gorgeous Turkish Riviera with lots of fun, endless action, and many moments for you to indulge in your passion.”

Magical Nights
Magical Nights

When the sun gives way to the stars, see the sun off at Sundowner then chill out on the beach — it's an exciting night at ROBINSON CLUB ÇAMYUVA!

Our legendary White Night is an experience that you will never forget. The ROBINS and all the party guests gather on the beach, dressed in white from head to toe, to enjoy fireworks and music under the beautiful starlit sky of the Turkish Riviera. Welcome to the nightlife at ROBINSON!

The nights here at ROBINSON CLUB ÇAMYUVA are magical. Enjoy Turkish parties, shows at "The Stage", high-energy entertainment and dancing in the NITE CLUB until dawn breaks — in the summer, ROBINSON CLUB ÇAMYUVA is a party that you won't want to end.

But what do you do the next day? First, enjoy your late breakfast in the peace and quiet. And then you've got a new, action-packed day full of sport, WellFit® and partying ahead of you! 

Sundowner, White Night and NITE CLUB

The night is young — and packed with sparkling, exciting entertainment in beautiful surroundings: Sundowner on the beach, parties and shows at "The Stage",

meetups for single travelers, gastrotainment evenings, White Night on the beach, Barlife and Dance, the NITE CLUB and more.

Ball sports
Beach volleyball, basketball, soccer and soccer tennis

Sport & Fun and sports tournaments, beach volleyball, basketball, Soccerena, soccer tennis.

Rafting, zip line, canyoneering and archery

Bike hire and guided tours (additional charge).

Rafting and canyoneering (all subject to additional charge).

Ideal for novices and advanced learners, archery enclosure up to 40 m.

From beginners to professionals — there's something for everyone

Has "game, set and match" always been your motto? Then get yourself onto the tennis court and show us what you can do! With the best equipment and a great atmosphere, the ROBINS are ready to hit the tennis court with you. There's always a refreshing drink ready for you at the tennis bar when you take a breather.

12 silica-sand courts, 5 of which are equipped with flood lights. Tennis bar. Use of the courts and racket hire (HEAD rackets) included. Additional charge for tennis balls. Rackets for sale. ROBINSON tennis school.

SIEMENS lifeKochschule (cookery school)

Do you love to sample delicious food? Then the Siemens lifeKochschule is perfect for you (additional charge, limited number of participants). Learn how to make the newest dishes and delicacies from professional chefs.

Weekly cooking courses in the mobile Siemens lifeKochschule (additional charge, limited number of participants).

Yacht excursions, off-road tours, hikes, mountain bike tours and rafting

Yacht excursions along the rocky coast with its many bays, adventure off-road tours in the Taurus Mountains, hikes.

Excursion programs at an additional charge, hire vehicles can be booked at reception.

Services marked with a * can be booked on site with an external company for an additional charge.

These services are not provided by ROBINSON or your travel operator!

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