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Resort holiday in Thailand

Club holiday in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer. Combine a city trip to Bangkok with a relaxing beach holiday, such as in Khao Lak,  and a party holiday in Phuket. Thailand is the ideal travel destination for taking all different kinds of tours.Northern Thailand is still almost untouched. The province of Chiang Mai is the cultural and economic center of northern Thailand. There are numerous Buddha statues to discover, along with elephant camps and many national parks, Chiang Rai is the country’s most northern province and set amidst wild mountain terrain. The region is characterized by its rugged cliffs, rural economy, traditional tribal population, and teak and pine tree forests. Hikers and culture lovers will discover the origins of the Thai people here and a starting point for trips into nature, a world away from beach tourism. Western Thailand is home to Bangkok, but also much history, culture and nature. Bangkok is Thailand’s most visited travel destination. Countless street stands offering food and clothing, skyscrapers, tuk-tuks, and huge shopping malls all characterize the city. The hub of international tourism is Khao San Road: a long pedestrian zone speckled with bars, massage salons, restaurants, and shops where things only get really wild once the sun has set. The country’s cultural hub is in both Bangkok and in central Thailand. Magnificent towns and temples await just a few tourists. The south of Thailand is home to many small islands and wonderful beaches, making it ideally suited for beach holidays. Popular destinations such as Phuket, Krabi and Kaho Lak lie in the south. Starting next fall you will also be able to enjoy fantastic holidays in Khao Lak in the usual ROBINSON quality. In fall 2017, ROBINSON CLUB KHAO LAK will be the first ROBINSON club in Thailand. Look forward to heavenly days on the beach in glorious surroundings!