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        Resort holidays in Thailand

        Welcome to Thailand – the land of smiles

        A country that could hardly offer more diversity – the kingdom of Thailand. There are numerous ways for you to discover this Asian country. This is why Thailand is ideal for excursions with lots of variety. Combine a city trip to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok with island-hopping and relaxation on the spectacular beaches of Khao Lak. Those looking for parties or culture are also sure to find exciting spots to explore!

        The regions at a glance

        Ein Elefantenritt in grüner Natur

        The north of Thailand - still largely untouched

        The province of Chiang Mai is the cultural and economic centre of northern Thailand. There are numerous temples to discover, along with elephant camps and many national parks. Chiang Rai is the country’s most northern province and set amidst wild mountain terrain. The region is characterised by its rugged cliffs, rural economy, traditional tribal population and teak and pine tree forests. Hikers and culture lovers will discover the origins of the Thai people here and a starting point for trips into nature, a world away from beach tourism.

        Verkehrsmittel - Ein buntes Taxi in grüner Natur

        Bangkok – the city of angels

        In 2016, Thailand’s capital was the most-visited city in the world, and for good reason. With its floating markets, gigantic department stores and the world’s best street food, the colourful metropolis entices visitors with its very special charm. A typical sightseeing tour of Bangkok is probably most exciting in a traditional tuk-tuk, where you can sit back and let yourself be transported through the vibrant streets.
        A starting point for the perfect "one night in Bangkok" is Khao San Road, an extensive pedestrian zone studded with bars, massage salons, restaurants and shops, and where things only start to get wild after the sun has set. Combine your resort holiday in Khao Lak with a stopover in the exuberant megacity.
        The flight from Bangkok to Phuket only takes about an hour; from there it is only another 80 km to get to our ROBINSON KHAO LAK.

        Sandstrand mit türkisblauen Meer

        Thailand’s south

        Imagine lying in a hammock in the shade of tall coconut trees and, as far as you can see, there is only white powdered beach and turquoise ocean. Is it all just a dream? Maybe you haven’t experienced the spectacular south of Thailand yet. In the middle of this fantastic setting, in the Khao Lak region, you can also find ROBINSON: On the coast, enveloped by the tropical Andaman Sea and with dense jungle to the back. As a nature lover, you can’t miss out on exploring the diverse flora and fauna on an adventurous trekking tour through the magnificent rainforest.
        And if that isn’t enough, you can also hop across to the highly contrasting islands. Among the numerous islands, each is its own little paradise. Thailand’s island world offers the perfect isle for every taste – whether it’s bizarre outcroppings, deserted islands á la ROBINSON Crusoe or vibrant island life.
        Which is your favourite?

        Country information, Thailand

        Climate in Thailand

        The kingdom of Thailand has a special climate that is drastically influenced by monsoons. Meteorologists attribute two climate zones and three seasons to the country. So, there is a distinction northern and southern Thailand with a hot and cool season as well as a rainy season.


        How is the climate in Thailand?

        • Generally tropical, but there are regional differences.


        What is the Thai currency?

        • Thai Baht (THB):
          • 1 EUR is about 38 THB
          • 1 GBT is about 45 THB
          • 1 USD is about 33 THB


        Do you need a visa?

        • 30 day-stays are permitted without a visa


        What language is spoken in Thailand?

        • Official language: Thai
        • English is also spoken in many areas

        Best time to visit Thailand

        If you want to travel to the north, the months of November to February are best, when the average temperature is a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius. The months of March, April and May are considered the hot season and temperatures often break the 40-degree mark. The following months of June to October are the rainy season. But no worries! You don’t have to expect pouring rain for days. On average, there are only one or two hours of rain a day and you can enjoy the rest of the day in dry, pleasant weather at around 30 degrees Celsius. 

        The south of Thailand and the centre, with Bangkok, are very close to the Equator, which results in a relatively consistent climate throughout the year. The temperatures lie between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius. Due to the tropical climate, there is also high humidity.

        The main rainy season in the south/centre of Thailand is in the months of May to October; here too, you can expect short but heavy rainfall. For these parts of the country, the months of November to April are therefore the best time to travel.

        Thailand’s most beautiful beaches

        Sandstrand mit türkisblauen Meer

        Listing Thailand’s most beautiful beaches is nearly impossible. Not only does the country offer numerous kilometre-long beaches, one is more beautiful than the next, so it’s hard to decide which one is the most spectacular. Depending on what you’re looking for, Thailand has the perfect beach section for you. 

        • For water sports enthusiasts, the beaches in Koh Sumai, for example, are perfect. Whether you’re jet skiing, flyboarding or kiteboarding, you can try out every water sports adventure on the beaches of Koh Samui.
        • The 800-metre white sand beach at Koh Phangan is a great draw for honeymooners in particular. Thanks to the gently sloping waterfront, this area has many water bungalows available. In other words, it’s the perfect spot for a couple to spend a romantic time together.
        • Night owls looking for beaches with cool bars, entertainment and parties will find lots of excitement in Phuket! The legendary Patong Beach is central to the Phuket nightlife, but the old city also has many hip clubs to choose from.
        • If you’re a travel enthusiast looking for a quiet beach that isn’t too crowded, you’ll enjoy Khao Lak. There you can take long walks on a beach that is also fantastic for swimming or sunbathing and the ideal place to go snorkelling.
          But the best is yet to come. This enchanting, tranquil place, is also where you find our ROBINSON KHAO LAK.

        Discover Khao Lak and surroundings

        Khao Lak has a lot more to offer than fantastic beaches. Culture lovers can visit temples such as the Wat Khuk Khak temple complex and immerse themselves in the mythology of Buddhism. Those craving adventure will also be in their element. Discover the diverse flora and fauna of the jungle on the back of an elephant. Or enjoy the rush of rafting down the rivers of Khao Lak. The next destination has already left many visitors at a loss for words – the fascinating, scattered island world in the Andaman Sea. The Similan and Surin islands are considered a paradise for divers and snorkellers
        In Khao Lak, fun, adventure and tranquillity are guaranteed for every taste!

        Culture and hospitality

        Smiles included...

        It won’t take long before the people in Thailand put a smile on your lips. Their friendly and unbiased nature may seem intimidating to some travellers at first. But that’s the nature of the Thais! Their lifestyle is heavily influenced by Buddhism. That is why they practise values such as tolerance, respect and helpfulness without even thinking about it. The proud Thai men also love an uncomplicated, simple lifestyle and their open manner might be a result of this. 

        Eine Suppe in einer getöpferten Schüssel

        Dining in Thailand 

        Thai cuisine is praised as one of the best in the world. Just take:

        • 1 pinch of China
        • 2 teaspoons of India
        • 1 sprinkle of Malaysia

        Mix them with a good dollop of Portugal – and the flavourful Thai cuisine is done!
        It’s hard to believe, but we owe Thailand's culinary delicacies to the influences of many different countries. With an extraordinary combination of fresh ingredients, the Thai create delectable dishes. One important note: Thai food is hot... very hot!

        These terms might help you when ordering:
        mild: "Mai Pet" slightly hot: "Pet Nit Noi" hot: "pet" very hot: "Pet Mak Mak"

        Resort holidays in Thailand

        There are many great reasons to choose a resort holiday in Thailand. 
        With its many attractions, Thailand draws many visitors every year. A resort holiday gives you the chance to acquaint yourself with the country and people, as well as to pamper yourself and forget everything around you. You can let off steam with various types of sports, such as tennis,football, basketball, or, of course, water sports. Afterwards, the resort’s own beach or one of the nine pools invite you to relax. You can treat yourself to delicious meals in one of our four specialty restaurants or enjoy our five bars. This remote destination is also perfect for families. There are many and diverse activities available for children and teenagers. Children aged 3–12 have tons of fun at the ROBY CLUB. The beach is also very suitable for children. The gently sloping waterfront and clean sand are like a giant sandbox for little ones.