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        Strand und Berge in der Türkei

        Resort holidays in Türkiye

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        • Attractions
        • History
        • Festivals & holidays
        • Food & drinks
        • Flora & fauna
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        Highlights of the resort holiday

        On a resort holiday, you can comfortably discover the most beautiful aspects of Türkiye. You’re surrounded by Turkish hospitality and can enjoy life all year round in a pleasant climate.

        • Pleasant temperatures all year round
        • Kilometres of beaches with fantastic ranges of water sports on offer
        • A wealth of ancient cultural artifacts
        • Family-friendly all-inclusive resorts 
        • Turkish hospitality and vitality
        • ROBINSON SARIGERME PARK lies directly above the magnificent Turkish Aegean and will delight you with its large water sports station. Whether you come alone or with your partner – if you’re looking for an active vacation or feel like a wellness holiday with Mediterranean sunshine, you will get a perfect sense of wellbeing.
        • There are no less than three ROBINSON resorts on the Turkish Riviera: The exclusive ROBINSON NOBILIS in Belek has its own golf course and you can enjoy unique feel-good moments in a “wellness palace”.
        • ROBINSON CAMYUVA in Kemer is the perfect place for a relaxed holiday with parties and sports activities. If you’re looking to spend an individual holiday with your family, ROBINSON PAMFILYA in Side has a great pool landscape and two waterslides on offer. Wherever you would like to enjoy your personal ROBINSON moments – the ocean is directly at the front door.

        ROBINSON Services

        Delicious food, a wide range of sports and much more await you on a holiday with ROBINSON in Türkiye.

        Türkische Buffet
        The food: All-inclusive

        Varying buffets and regional dishes: With the all-inclusive offer, you can indulge in healthy and diverse cuisine.

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        We offer you a substantial all-inclusive programme at all four Turkish ROBINSON clubs. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as coffee specialties for breakfast, and all drinks at the bar (excluding selected wines, sparkling wines, spirits and other specialties). Soft drinks, beer, table wine, filter coffee and tea are available free of charge in the buffet area. 

        Menschen machen draußen zusammen Sport mit Hanteln
        All-inclusive: the sports programme

        From group fitness courses to relaxing yoga sessions: numerous sports activities are included in the price of your resort holiday in Turkey.

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        The ROBINSON clubs in Türkiye feature numerous sports and wellness programmes in their all-inclusive offers. 

        TUI Top Quality
        A winner among our guests

        TUI TOP Quality winner: the Turkish ROBINSON clubs

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        Our ROBINSON clubs in Türkiye offer you premium holiday experiences, and this has now been rewarded. All of our Turkish resorts are TUI TOP Quality winners 2020 and some were even honoured with the HolidayCheck Awards 2020. Wherever you spend your Turkish holiday – at ROBINSON, you've come to the right place. Come and join us to celebrate – your Turkish holiday and spending time together in the Turkish sunshine!

        Eine Frau erhält von einem ROBINSON Trainer Boxunterricht
        Singles holiday at ROBINSON

        Great offers and promotions for singles and single travellers.

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        Meet new people, try new sports like stand-up paddling and enjoy fantastic themed parties – you can expect all this on a singles trip to Türkiye. Experience an unforgettable time among like-minded people at one of our ROBINSON clubs. Discover the resorts ÇAMYUVA, NOBILIS and SARIGERME PARK on your trip.

        ROBINSON resorts in Türkiye

        5 reasons to choose a resort holiday in Türkiye

        1. Cultural diversity
        Where East meets West is where your dream ROBINSON holiday in Türkiye is found. Arabian flair, the breathtaking Turkish Riviera or Turkish Aegean coast at your feet and the scent of pine trees in the air – welcome to Türkiye!

        2. Service & Hospitality
        Just step off the bus or car, breathe in the air, and the ROBINS will be there to give you a warm welcome. If you ever want a change of scenery and see the country from its most beautiful side, a ROBINSON holiday in Türkiye is the perfect time to do it.

        3. Nature & excursions
        Explore the majestic Taurus mountains on challenging off-road tours, take excursions to the surrounding villages and towns – the ROBINS are always on hand to help if you are planning a full or half-day trip as a highlight of your Turkish holiday.

        4. Fascinating culture & history
        The charming old towns of Antalya, Dalaman, Belek, Side and villages bearing traces and ruins left behind by Minoan and ancient cultures: the area surrounding your ROBINSON club has a host of unforgettable experiences in store for you. Immerse yourself in the world of Arabian Nights and experience your Turkish holiday with all your senses!

        5. Wide range of activities at your ROBINSON club
        The staff at all our Turkish clubs speak English, so they are able to meet your every need. You will feel at home in an instant. Stunning beaches, swimming, surfing, sailing, playing golf in the Turkish sun, and dancing the night away in Arabian evenings – the ROBINS look forward to welcoming you.

        Türkiye: good to know

        Beautiful destinations
        Ausblick von oben auf einen beleuchteten türkischen Hafen mit Schiffen und Bergen

        A cultural experience or straight to the beach? If you’re on holiday in Türkiye, you don’t have to decide. The many-faceted country between East and West offers fantastic beaches, interesting sites from Antiquity, impressive mountain landscapes, coastal cliffs, and cities with long histories. In Türkiye you can just relax on the beach, but you also have the option to spend a diverse, activity-filled holiday – as a single, couple or with your family.

        There are many attractive destinations for a vacation in Türkiye: Discover Istanbul, the only city in the world that is located on two continents. The Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace are just two of numerous attractions in the vibrant metropolis. The Turkish Aegean offers a perfect blend of beach and culture. Bodrum, Izmir, and Marmaris feature some of the most popular beaches in the country and you can visit world-famous historic sites, such as the ruins of Ephesus with the legendary Celsus Library. Many other beautiful beaches and turquoise waters can be found on the Turkish Riviera. In addition to Antalya and Side, many beach holidaymakers are drawn to Alanya or Belek.


        Good flight connections
        Bucht und türkisfarbenes Wasser in der Türkei

        How to get to your holiday in Türkiye

        Many airports have regular direct flights to the international airports in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya and Dalaman. To travel to the country’s interior, an open jaw flight via Istanbul is often the cheapest and fastest option. To ensure that everything goes smoothly at the airport, you should definitely remember to bring your (temporary) passport or identity card. Children need a children’s passport.



        Our 7 highlights
        Große Moschee in der Türkei

        The main attractions in Turkey: Awe-inspiring nature and culture

        1. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is often considered the “eighth wonder of the world”. Initially a church and then a mosque, the magnificent structure with the impressive dome is now home to a museum.

        2. The ancient city of Ephesus is officially one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s easy to imagine the former glamour of the bustling port city when you walk around the excavation site south of Izmir. The highlights include the façade of the Celsus Library, the remnants of the Artemis and Hadrian Temples and the theatre, in which up to 21,000 people could watch tragedies, comedies and religious rituals.

        3. The travertine terraces of Pamukkale near Denizli in western-most Turkey almost seem unreal. Over the course of millennia, calcium-rich thermal water has formed brilliantly white, stair-like limestone deposits with countless natural pools. In some of them, visitors may even swim in the warm water. Above the travertine terraces, where wealthy Romans enjoyed "wellness holidays" in ancient times, lie the ruins of Hierapolis, a former city with a wonderfully preserved amphitheatre.

        4. One of the most extraordinary landscapes in Turkey is Cappadocia in Central Anatolia. Here the erosion from wind and rain has shaped the soft volcanic rock into bizarre formations. You can get the best view of the expansive gardens with pillars and fairy chimneys on a hot air balloon ride.

        5. If you’re holidaying on the Turkish Riviera, be sure to visit the ancient city of Myra. It’s famous not only as the birthplace of Saint Nicholas, but also for its Lycian rock tombs. Only the wealthiest residents could afford this kind of necropolis, which resemble small houses carved into the rock.

        6. A beach holiday on the Turkish Aegean is the perfect occasion to visit the ancient city of Pergamon. The sight of the enormous amphitheatre is particularly memorable. Only two kilometres from Pergamon, Asklepion was the most important healing centre of the Roman empire.

        7. The Castle of St. Peter watches over the harbour in Bodrum. The enormous fortification was built by the Knights of St. John in the 15th century, partially with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. Today, this Bodrum landmark houses an important museum of underwater archaeology; concerts and other cultural events are held there regularly.


        Tip: Kaleici
        Antike Ruine einer Tempelanlage in der Türkei

        Experience history on a holiday in Turkey

        Turkey’s eventful history is found everywhere throughout the country. In ancient times, “Minor Asia” was ruled by the Greeks and Romans. In the 4th century, the Christian Byzantines took over, before the Ottomans conquered present-day Turkey at the end of the Middle Ages in 1453. The mighty Ottoman Empire didn’t crumble until after World War 1. The Republic was proclaimed in 1922 and its founding father Kemal Atatürk, who is revered to this day, led the country into the modern age.

        During a holiday in Turkey, you will encounter numerous influences from the past at every turn. Even the Turkish cuisine shows a wide range of influences. To explore historic buildings, you often don’t even have to take an excursion. A stroll through the old city of your holiday destination will do the trick: In Side, for example, you will find a large excavation site directly in the centre. In Antalya, a walk through the old-city district of Kaleici is a must for your to-do list: There you will see not only the Hadrian Gate but also the Yivliminare Mosque from 1373.

        Festivals & holidays

        Important: Moon calendar
        Glücksbringer und Talismane auf einem türkischen Markt

        Festivals & holidays in Turkey: Information to plan your holiday

        Turkey observes legal holidays with fixed dates and movable religious holidays. In both cases, most shops are closed or only open during limited hours.

        1 January is a holiday in Turkey. 23 April is celebrated as National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. The holiday on 1 May is followed by the Commemoration of Atatürk on 19 May, which is also Youth and Sports Day. Stadiums in many cities will host performances and competitions by sports organisations and youth groups on this day. Turkish Armed Forces Day is celebrated on 30 August while 19 September is dedicated to Veterans’ Day. 29 October is a particularly important national holiday, celebrating the anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic by Kemal Atatürk. The dates for the Islamic holidays are determined according to the lunar calendar and therefore move up eleven days each year. As a result, Ramadan also takes place at different times from year to year. Its end is marked by the three-day sugar feast. The sacrificial feast is also held over several days.

        Food & drinks

        Savoury or light
        Gemüse und Linsen: frische türkische Küche

        Food & drinks: Enjoy the colourful Turkish cuisine

        Thanks to the many different cultural influences over the course of its history, traditional Turkish cuisine is incredibly varied and certainly not limited to gyros and kebab. The typical Turkish appetisers, mezze with hummus, marinated olives, stuffed grape leaves and borek leave nothing to be desired. Sun-ripened fruits and vegetables bring colour to the table. While fish and seafood play a key role in coastal regions, grilled meat often takes the centre stage. The hamburger-like köfte and pide – a kind of pizza – are very popular main dishes. In Turkey, this is traditionally accompanied by the refreshing yoghurt beverage called ayran.

        It will be hard for you to resist dessert on your holiday in Turkey. The baklava, sutlac rice pudding or halva are just too tempting. They taste especially good with a Turkish mokka. There are two main contenders for the title of national drink: the anise liqueur raki and caj black tea, with which Turkish households start their day.

        ROBINSON’s tip: At all four Turkish ROBINSON clubs, you can enjoy all-inclusive board with varying breakfast buffets, lunch and dinner, including drinks, as well as coffee, tea and cake in the afternoon.

        Flora & fauna

        So diverse
        Kursunlu Wasserfälle bei Antalya in der Türkei

        Rich diversity of flora & fauna in Turkey

        With its mountains, fertile lowlands and a multifaceted coastal region, Turkey features a wide variety of landscapes. The climate ranges from continental to mild Mediterranean, and Turkey is home to more than 900 types of plants. While vast regions in the north consist of forest, the dry regions of the country’s interior are filled with shrubs and thistles. The Mediterranean climate is responsible for the greatest biodiversity. Macchia and wine, tomatoes, lemons and olives thrive along the Riviera and the Aegean, along with fruit trees.

        The animals you will encounter most often in Turkey are typical farm animals: goats, sheep, donkeys and mules. The steppe regions are home to camels, porcupines and mongooses. Wolves, jackals and jumping mice are found only in very remote areas. Deer, wildcats and bears have retreated to the Taurus Mountains. On walks, you’re more likely to come across tortoises and lizards. It’s always worth looking up when you’re on a nature hike: In addition to vultures, cranes, storks and pelicans, Turkey is home to eagles, black kites, and other birds. There are also several kinds of migratory birds in the winter. The waters around Turkey have a rich variety of fish, including sea bream, red mullet and sea bass. Sea turtles and Mediterranean seals also live along some parts of the coastline.


        Fun for big and small

        Tips for a holiday with children in Turkey

        Holidaying in Turkey with the whole family – that’s a great idea. After all, nearly all the popular beaches are no more than 1.5 hours from the nearest airport. There are many kid-friendly beaches and older children, in particular, will enjoy discovering history on the available tours.

        For a long time afterwards, your kids will talk about these activities:

        1. Enjoying the waters at Troy Aqua Park in Belek: Here you can find 13 slides, a flow channel and wave pool in a 12,000 square metre area. Your kids will be amazed by the dolphin show and a visit to the shark aquarium.

        2. An outing to the Manavgat waterfall at Side: This excursion is a nice alternative to the beach, especially on very hot days. A boat tour on Manavgat River is particularly refreshing.  Don’t forget to pack a picnic: The trees along the water offer wonderful places to relax in the shade. You can also find several nearby restaurants.

        3. A day at Göynük Dinopark Antalya: The large dinosaur models are the main attraction at this theme park. Younger kids often enjoy the petting zoo even more. There is also a children’s planetarium, a trampoline, a pool and a climbing wall.

        ROBINSON’s tip: At the Turkish ROBINSON PAMFILYA, your children can romp around to their hearts’ content at the professional childcare  or on the two waterslides. At the all-ages resorts of  ROBINSON SARIGERME PARK and ROBINSON NOBILIS, families are welcome. 


        From golf to water sport
        [Translate to English (en_EN):] Offroad-Tour im Türkeiurlaub

        Sports & activities on a holiday in Turkey

        Enjoying the sun and swimming in the warm ocean – for many, this is the epitome of a perfect holiday in Turkey. Those who prefer to be active during the best time of the year will find excellent conditions for many kinds of water sports in Turkey, such as surfing and sailing. Diving and snorkelling in more than 25 spots is also great fun. Around Kas in particular, you can discover spectacular reefs, exciting caves and shipwrecks. The waters around Bodrum have an abundance of fish. Once in a while, even exotic guests from the Red Sea stray over.

        Water sports: Whether you prefer swimming or diving – you can access the most beautiful and hard-to-reach areas along the coast on a Blue Cruise with a traditional gulet. During interim stops at deserted beaches or in front of small islands, you can dive directly from the ship into the water, take amazing photos with your underwater camera or look forward to a small barbecue.

        Golf: Passionate golfers like to spend their holiday in the Belek region. The golf courses here are available year-round, although the main season is from November to April. On the many well-maintained greens, you often tee off with a view of the shimmering sea.

        Outdoor activities: If you packed your hiking boots, you’re probably already looking forward to the Lycian Way. As one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking paths in the world, it covers a length of 509 kilometres above the Lycian coast. It mainly follows old shepherd’s tracks or ancient trade routes and continues to surprise you with spectacular views. As an alternative, you can take a Jeep safari to the wild and romantic Taurus Mountains. After an action-packed ride through dense forests, narrow ravines and along curvy roads, you can enjoy refreshments near a waterfall or a visit to a mountain village.

        Shopping: Souvenir hunters absolutely have to take stroll through a vibrant bazaar. You’ll be sure to find typical keepsakes such as a Nazar amulet, colourful ceramics, Turkish honey and spices. And you can demonstrate your skills at haggling.

        ROBINSON's tip: At the Turkish ROBINSON resorts, you can try out such sports as sailing, stand-up paddling, golfing, canyoning  or beach volleyball.

        Transportation & getting around

        Transportation & getting around on holiday in Turkey: to the beach or sightseeing destinations

        Comfortable long-distance buses with individually adjustable seats are available for longer routes.  The tickets are relatively inexpensive – especially since a snack or beverages are often included. Turkey also has an extensive railway network that connects all the important cities. Shared taxis are available within the cities or to beaches near the cities: A dolmus is a small bus that follows specific routes. If you want to get on, you just have to give the driver a clear signal. A dolmus is a typically Turkish vehicle which is also frequently used by the locals. This means that when you ride on a dolmus, you immerse yourself in everyday local life – at very inexpensive prices. In the larger cities, you can also take regular city buses from A to B. In Istanbul and Antalya, you first have to buy a chip card and load travel credit on it.

        For added flexibility, you can take a taxi.  This conveniently takes you to hidden beaches outside the tourist centres and you can plan your excursions independently of the fixed bus schedules. If you want to enjoy the sunset on the beach a little longer at night, just arrange for a later pick-up time.

        Get from A to B quickly
        Türkisches Ausflugsboot im Meer

        Climate & optimal travel times

        [Translate to English (en_EN):] Küste und Berge in der Türkei

        Climate & best travel time for a beach & or active holiday in Turkey

        The Turkish climate varies due to the great expanse of the country. At the Aegean Sea in the west, Turkey’s climate is Mediterranean. The summers are dry and hot. In winter, it is mild with temperatures rarely dropping below 15°C. The Mediterranean region in the south of the country has an almost sub-tropical climate. Here too, the summers are hot and dry, with the winters a little milder than at the Aegean.

        Holiday in Turkey in spring and autumn

        The best time for a resort holiday in Turkey is from spring to autumn. For extensive sightseeing tours, spring or autumn are the best times to travel to Turkey. Then the temperatures are much milder and the accommodation is less expensive. If you’re mainly interested in culture and history, your Turkey holiday will also be a complete success in winter: Although it rains more often, the average temperature is between 8 and 15°C, which is still much warmer than in Germany. City trips are more suited to the mild winter months. The best time for beach holidays continues up to November, with water temperatures remaining 20°C and over. 

        Summer holiday in Turkey

        In general, Turkey is a destination that is attractive all the year round. It’s warmest in the summer months of July and August. Then the temperatures on the Turkish Riviera will certainly hit the 40°C mark. But thanks to the constant ocean breeze, the heat stays tolerable and no rain should be expected. There is also little precipitation in June and September, if any, which means that these two months are also ideal for a carefree beach holiday in Turkey.


        The most frequent questions & answers regarding a holiday in Turkey

        Where can I book a good and inexpensive trip to Turkey?

        You can find special offers for a holiday in Turkey in the last-minute offers from ROBINSON. Offers are strictly limited. So, act fast. 

        When is the best travel time for a holiday in Turkey?

        The best time to travel for a resort holiday and sightseeing tours in Turkey is from spring to autumn. The best time for a beach holiday in Turkey is until November. 

        Do I need a vaccination for my trip to Turkey?

        No, there are no specific vaccination requirements for people traveling to Turkey. Vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, and hepatitis A are recommended.

        Can you travel to Turkey during Ramadan?

        Yes, you can travel to Turkey during Ramadan. There are generally no restrictions at the hotels. Outside the hotels, there may be modified business hours at public facilities.