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        Clubgäste feiern auf der Tanzfläche

        Themed parties

        • Themed parties: such variety!
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        Our themed parties exude class

        Let yourself be continually surprised each week with ROBINSON. Each resort creates its own program that is often traditional and specific to the country. And it’s not only our guests who transform themselves to that evening’s theme, our ROBINS and the resort itself do, too. Whole areas are completely redecorated.

        Experience moments of amazement that will give you goosebumps! This is pure holiday feeling. This is ROBINSON.

        While you can look forward to Oriental Night at ROBINSON SOMA BAY, for example, it’s Après Ski that awaits. ROBINSON CALA SERENA is home to Noche España with its delicious Spanish buffet, while you can lose yourself in a pulsing bassline and feel like a teenager once more while you dance with abandon in the foam, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Turkish Riveria at ROBINSON ÇAMYUVA. Experience the difference: ROBINSON means premium quality resort holidays!

        What do I pack? You can find out the evening’s theme:

        Themed parties: such variety!

        • The legendary White Nights: The ROBINS and every guest in white
        • Open-air Blackbox party: every guest dancing in black
        • Spanish Night: red and black clothing palette
        • Beach foam party
        • Blue Ocean Night: everything decorated blue
        • Oriental Night: traditional Middle Eastern dress in Egyptian jellabiya garment
        • Gala evening: elegant, black and white, or vibrant colors

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