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        Tips for your trip

        Wonderful holidays

        Whether you're looking to spend your holiday with ROBINSON or have already booked your resort holiday? Welcome! It is our job to fulfill your wishes and your expectations for all-round wonderful holidays. We will do everything we can to meet that challenge. That's a promise! And so: there are a few things we would like to tell you about before your holiday.

        • All inclusive

          You can find more information about the All Inclusive services on offer at the detailed club pages for the relevant club resort at

        • Arrivals by car

          You will find the address of your ROBINSON club resort and your on-site contact in your travel documents. You will receive important information about your holiday destination upon arrival. At the ROBINSON clubs in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland you can arrive any day of the week. We recommend avoiding peak days and times wherever possible.

        • Check-on and check-out

          Check-in at all ROBINSON clubs is from 3 p.m. If departing guests are late leaving the club, it may be that arriving guests have to wait for their room. A thorough room clean takes time. Rooms must therefore usually be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure, sometimes even earlier. We thank you for your understanding.

        • Construction work

          Every club has to be renovated from time to time. Furthermore, construction sites can spring up overnight or construction work can be suddenly resumed after long breaks. We will, of course, inform you as soon as we become aware of construction work in or around your ROBINSON club.

        • Single room

          Many clubs only have a few Single Rooms. These differ from Double Rooms in size, facilities and location. There is often the possibility of booking a Double Room for single occupancy.

        • TV

          You can watch satellite TV in all ROBINSON clubs. The reception and image quality will depend on the weather and the club location among other things. It is rarely comparable with your home country. English-language programs cannot be received in all countries.

        • Pets

          Unfortunately pets are not permitted at ROBINSON clubs.

        • Heating/air conditioning

          If the room has heating and air conditioning, both will be expressly stated in the club description in the brochure. In many cases, the systems will be operated centrally meaning it is at the hotel owner's discretion whether or not they are turned on or off and when. In warm countries, hotels, restaurants and buses almost always have the air conditioning on but are frequently not draft-proof. We therefore recommend always packing a sweater or jacket. Use of the air conditioning systems in hotels may also involve noise.

        • Children

          Even our younger guests should have an unforgettable ROBINSON club holiday. Many clubs therefore provide special entertainment programs for children. There are age restrictions for some of these offers. These can be found in the club description. ROBINSON staff, with training in education, provide fun and games usually by the hour or all day long in the ROBY CLUB. All-day care is not always on offer. Baby cribs are available at ROBINSON at no extra charge. See the relevant club resort for examples of the accommodation options.

        • Noise

          Since it is often very hot during the day in southern countries, in good weather evenings and nights can be busy times out on the streets. It is then often loud and boisterous. When we refer to discos and bars etc. in our descriptions, there may be noise which may exceed some people's tolerance limits.

        • Late check-out

          For the first time we are offering the option of using your room for longer before a late return journey at all ROBINSON clubs. This service is available subject to availability and for a fee of 35.00€ (please see the relevant club description for specific information).

        • Travel and health

          We recommend you find out about vaccinations, preventative medicines and other prophylactic measures in good time prior to traveling. Obtain medical advice, where necessary, about the risks of thrombosis and other health-related risks. Please also refer to general information, particularly from public health authorities, doctors specializing in travel medicine, tropical disease specialists and travel medicine information services.

        • Sport at ROBINSON

          Since many of our guests like to do sports or enjoy an active holiday, you may have to wait to use sports equipment and courts, particularly in high season, or usage times may be limited.

        • Beaches

          Since the beaches in the holiday countries are public, the respective local authority is solely responsible for beach hygiene. In certain weather conditions, seaweed and algae etc. may sometimes be washed ashore.

        • Stray animals

          Please note that free-roaming cats and dogs are common in many southern holiday countries. These can also be found on the beach. It is also not always possible to keep them away from the ROBINSON CLUB grounds in spite of the best efforts of our staff. The animals can pass on diseases through contact. Please also avoid feeding the animals. This will promote breeding and ultimately worsen their situation. Animal protection groups working locally provide effective help and will be grateful for your assistance.

        • Swimming pool/loungers

          When temperatures are high, a dip in the pool is refreshing for all of our guests. To ensure it stays this way, the water is changed regularly. During that time the pool cannot be used. Even when the pool is fitted with a circulation system, it must still be fully cleaned occasionally. If the pool is described as heated, it means it can be heated at the hotel owner's discretion. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide a lounger with a parasol for every club guest.

        • Tips

          Since wages in the service sector in holiday countries is often very low, an appropriate tip is welcomed.

        • Entertainment

          Many different nationalities come together at most hotels. If there is an entertainment program, it may be that this is not always presented in your native language.

        • Accommodation

          Do you have special room requirements? We will obviously pass these on to the hotel owner. No written confirmation can be provided, however. We kindly ask for your understanding if the hotel owner is not always able to meet your requirements. In southern countries, particularly in bungalow facilities, it is unavoidable for pests to sometimes infiltrate the living areas.

        • Holiday souvenirs and species protection

          The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) protects animal and plant species threatened by extinction and heavily restricts or even prohibits products derived from these. Any breach of the species protection rules is subject to a fine in Europe or, in more serious cases, imprisonment.

          Among others, you may not bring the following souvenirs back from your holiday: orchid and succulent species (e.g. cacti and aloe plants), endemic plant species from the Canaries, the Madeiras and the Mediterranean Islands (e.g. Euphorbias and stonecrop plants), live or stuffed birds (e.g. birds of prey, owls, flamingos, cranes or parrots), fur from wild cats and bears, tortoises or turtles, snakes, crocodiles, caimans and monitor lizards and any products derived from these (bracelets, shoes, handbags etc.), souvenirs made from coral (e.g. coral necklaces), certain mussels or snails, butterflies, certain beetle species and caviar. You can find out more information on the CITES website:

        • Board

          In the club description you will see what type of board (HB, FB etc.) is offered at your club resort. Depending on the airline, the in-flight meal may either be included in the price or can be booked for a charge.

        • Early and late season

          Hotels may decide not to offer all services during these seasons. Sometimes a club resort may open later or close earlier due to a low numbers of guests. Obviously in such cases we would offer you a substitute package that is at least equivalent.

        • Water and electricity

          In foreign countries, technical equipment such as gas boilers and stoves do not always conform to the standards you are used to at home. Please therefore pay particular attention to the instructions for use. In many countries water and electricity cuts may happen occasionally. Long dry spells can lead to water shortages.

        • Room sizes

          The size in square meters mentioned in the room description includes the living area, the bathroom and the hall.

        • Additional beds

          Additional beds are not included in the fixed room facilities. They have to be portable so they can be quickly positioned wherever needed. Sometimes this mobility comes at a price: less comfort and less space in the room. A couch or sofa can also be used as an additional bed.