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        Horse riding - heaven on earth is right here

        Visit us at ROBINSON CLUB and make your dream horse riding vacation come true. Ride across green meadows and through aromatic forests in the summer at ROBINSON CLUB AMPFLWANG. Discover the wintry landscape at ROBINSON CLUB SCHWEIZERHOF, as you enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the glistening snow. Whether you want to learn how to ride or are already a passionate rider: on a horse riding vacation at ROBINSON CLUB, you will experience both the unique bond between horse and rider and wonderful moments surrounded by nature.

        Ein Mädchen springt mit einem Pferd über ein Hindernis in einer Reithalle. Das Mädchen trägt Reitkleidung und einen Reithelm.

        Find heaven on earth on the back of a horse

        Anyone who has ever taken a ride through nature will know the feeling of moving as one with the horse. Visit us at ROBINSON CLUB and discover this enthralling sport together with experienced riding instructors. We work closely with partner companies in the region and are happy to act as an agent for riding excursions, courses or carriage and horse-drawn sleigh rides (additional charge).

        Discover horse riding — saddle up and off you go

        You would like to enjoy the enchanting forests, beaches and scenery of our CLUBS from a different perspective? What are you waiting for? Saddle up! Experienced riding instructors teach you to ride by starting in small groups. In a relaxed atmosphere, our riding courses for beginners and advanced riders teach you to how to feel confident in handling a horse. From looking after horses to putting on saddles and the first time mounting a horse, we guide you gradually through to riding. You will quickly gain confidence in handling horses. Are you ready to start your horse riding adventure? In the riding hall or on the outdoor paddock, you then learn what it means to become one with the horse. With the right instructor at your side, you will awaken your passion for horse riding!

        • Unforgettable ROBINSON excursions in the saddle
          Zwei Frauen mit zwei Pferden

          You already feel at home on the back of a horse? Right, then let's share the unforgettable feeling of enjoying nature on horseback — a change in perspective that allows you to see the world through new eyes. Roam through woods and fields, trot by streams or gallop across the fine, sandy beach. Experience the unbridled feeling of freedom on exciting group rides.

        Zwei Kinder hängen sich über einen gescheckten Pferderücken.

        ROBINSON CLUB AMPFLWANG — Horse riding in beautiful Austria

        Here at ROBINSON CLUB AMPFLWANG, perfect conditions await both riders and horses during the summer. Around the club, the extensive Hausruckwald with its network of bridle paths stretches for over 420 kilometers and is perfect for long rides. Along the routes you will find numerous beautiful rest areas — the perfect place for an outdoor picnic!


        Eine Grau sitzt in Westernkleidung auf einem Westernsattel mit Westerntrense. Sie schaut geradeaus. Das Pferd ist weiß und läuft schritt. Siei befinden sich auf einer Wiese mit Bäumen darum herum.

        ROBINSON CLUB AMPFLWANG — equipment and courses

        As one of Austria's largest riding centers, the club's riding facilities are sure to make the hearts of dressage, western and leisure riders as well as horse-crazy beginners beat faster. Your children can also learn to ride here. Our beautiful horses at the riding center are always excited to go on expeditions through the forests with you and your family. The large double hall and outdoor paddock provide space for courses and lessons.

        • ROBINSON clubs that offer horse riding
          Zwei Pferde halten ihr Maul zueinander. Es liegt Schnee im Hintergrund.

          These clubs offer horse riding activities provided by a partner company for an additional charge:

          CLUB AMPFLWANG,Austria (summer and winter)

          CLUB AGADIR, Morocco (summer and winter)

          CLUB AMADÉ, Austria (summer)

          CLUB CALA SERENA, Spain (summer and winter)

          CLUB FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer and winter)