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        Mann mit Pfeil und Bogen visiert konzentriert eine Zielscheibe


        Follow the footsteps of Robin Hood

        Try out our ROBINSON archery activities and experience what it means to find the balance between tension and release. The archery ROBINS will help you find the right premium recurve bow for you, and then it's off to the archery range. Archery activities are available throughout summer at the  ROBINSON APULIAÇAMYUVADAIDALOSNOBILIS, FLEESENSEE and DJERBA BAHIYA. Our beginner courses teach you how to focus on your target and hit the bull's-eye. The courses are free of charge. If you’re already an experienced archer, you can test your aim immediately in the archery ranges during an individual training session.

        Mann mit Pfeil und Bogen visiert sein Ziel

        Learn Archery at a ROBINSON Club

        Build tension, aim for the target, let go: Archery is the perfect way to calm down and still mobilize all your strength. A sport that challenges both body and mind. Mind, muscles, breathing - to bring these 3 things into harmony is the fine art of archery. At ROBINSON you can test your skills in free beginner courses and get a first feeling for the right tension of your bow.

        Professional Equipment on Site

        If you want to feel like Robin Hood, our experienced archery ROBINS are on hand to teach you the correct archery technique. We work closely with the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation, and can rent you professional recurve bows that are specifically selected for you. We provide special right- or left-handed bows and children's bows free of charge during the supervised training hours. Archery at our ROBINSON clubs always depends on the weather — when the conditions permit, you can grab a bow and some arrows and you are ready to go. Children aged between 10 and 15 can take part in archery activities under their parents' supervision.

        • Archery for experienced archers
          Ein Mann visiert mit einem Bogen ein Ziel an.

          You always hit the target dead-on and don't want to miss out on your training sessions while you are on vacation? Advanced archers with their own equipment are always welcome to use our archery ranges. At our ROBINSON clubs, you can pursue your passion in a unique atmosphere. Enjoy new archery experiences in our spacious archery ranges of up to 70 meters.

        Vier Zielscheiben stehen auf einem Platz, umgeben von Bäumen. Hinter den Bäumen sind Büsche.

        ROBINSON NOBILIS — Archery under the sun of Antalya

        Have you always dreamed of archery sessions in sunny Turkey? Then visit our ROBINSON NOBILIS and draw your bow in our extensive archery range (up to 70m)! Enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin when you let the arrow fly — this moment, when you release all tension from your body and your bow, that's what archery is all about on a ROBINSON vacation.


        • Robinson Clubs that offer archery
          Ein Mann hält einen Bogen. Neben ihm stehen viele anderen mit Pfeil und Bogen.

          Archery activities are free of charge at the following clubs:

          ROBINSON APULIA, Italy (summer)

          ROBINSON ÇAMYUVA, Turkey (summer)

          ROBINSON DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)

          ROBINSON DJERBA BAHIYA, Tunisia (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON NOBILIS, Turkey (summer)

          ROBINSON FLEESENSEE, Germany


        • Archery — Equipment and Partners


          At our clubs you will use premium recurve bows made by perfect archery distribution. Whether you are young or old, experience the world of Robin Hood with our range of special bows for adults and children, right-handers and left-handers.