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        Menschen tanzen und lachen am Strand


        LUHANA – Hawaiian living at ROBINSON

        An experience for all senses…

        Diverse entertainment, colourful decoration, a Sundowner just like on Waikiki Beach and dinner buffets in a fiery setting: All this is our biweekly Aloha LUHANA day!

        These highlights await you:

        • Colourful luau festival with traditional flowers
        • Hawaiian culinary highlights
        • Energetic rhythms & diverse entertainment
        • Let us transport you to the famous Waikiki Beach

        What do you associate with Hawaii?

        Joie de vivre, sandy beaches, nature and the sun? Every single Hawaiian island has its individual character and complements the wonderful Hawaiian values: diversity, zest for life and lots of wholehearted love. And you can now enjoy this amazing, laid-back lifestyle at our resorts:

        For a whole day every two weeks, we welcome you to Aloha LUHANA! Be appreciative and enjoy life in the spirit of this special, colourful luau festival with diverse entertainment, traditional flowers, energetic rhythms and Hawaiian culinary highlights.

        How do you prefer to celebrate life?

        LUHANA bei ROBINSON - Hawaiianisches Lebensgefühl

        With your Ohana? Ohana means family in Hawaiian, yet it means so much more: letting go and joining your holiday family. You are where you belong: ROBINSON is your home away from home. This is also evident in our warm and welcoming ROBINS whom you will encounter during your stay and who will bring a smile to your face with their zest for life. A quick Hawaiian language course illustrates the attitude towards life: Every word has a meaning that hints at the love of life. Treat yourself to something very special: Our wonderful offers in the WellFit spas will whisk you away to the flowery world of Hawaii: vanilla-scented scrubs, warming and incredibly relaxing massages and even the queen of all massages, Lomi Lomi Nui, which is available at some of our resorts.

        What will be your favourite moment?

        Will you experience it during a magical sunset at the most beautiful place in the resort with a sparkling drink in your hand? With the Sundowners at our beautiful ROBINSON paradises, we celebrate nature and transport you to the famous Waikiki Beach. Or maybe you'd prefer a culinary highlight instead? Each Hawaiian island tells its own story, which is reflected in our varied buffets. And in the fiery setting, your dinner will be a very special experience. Feel it! Taste it. Love it. Enjoy it with all your senses.  

        Hoaloha – close friends. That's a beautiful theme for the evening, wouldn't you agree? Rhythms, colourful flowers, heavenly drinks: In the evening, your energy flows and maybe your heart will be filled with Aloha. 

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