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You'll be up to speed with every sport thanks to ROBINSON. Whether it's your favorite sport, the sport of the moment, fun sport or extreme sport, whether you're a novice or at an advanced level.

At the ROBINSON CLUB CALA SERENA premises, you can get involved in sporting activities whenever the mood takes you. Beach volleyball or soccer in the Soccerena with its artificial turf — show the ROBINS your skills on the ball.

Switch to our connoisseur program at the "L'Anima" restaurant (open daily, additional charge) or at our typical Majorcan specialty restaurant "La Tasca" (open daily, additional charge for drinks).

Sit back and enjoy delicious Tapas and Spanish wines on the extensive terrace as night falls.

After sundown, it's all about the Show and Entertainment. Be there when the ROBINS turn into singers and actors at our evening shows, dance with other guests at the NITE CLUB, listen to live music, enjoy your dinner in the open air at our outdoor evening — no two nights are the same here. 

Pure relaxation
Pure relaxation

WellFit® has been developed specially for ROBINSON CLUBS and is a unique combination of wellness and fitness: In our extensive WellFit® area, you can join GroupFitness classes or visit our fitness studio whenever you want for a real intensive workout. 

And if you just feel like doing nothing, you can relax in the sauna and simply let your cares slip away in the relaxation area. Relax like a queen in the Cleopatra bath (additional charge), or pamper yourself with a massage (additional charge) and beauty treatments (additional charge). 

Facilities, fitness courses, personal training and spa offers

Bathrobe, flowers, cosmetic set and fruit in the room on arrival; voucher for a 20-minute WellFit spa experience. Price: 42.43£ per person/stay; book directly at the club.

Fitness studio, Power Plate®* (additional charge), GroupFitness room, Body & Mind room, WellFit spa — spacious wellness area spanning 2000 m²: Finnish sauna, sanarium and Cleopatra bath (additional charge), relaxation area, indoor/outdoor relaxation pool (heated), solarium (additional charge).

Including Step, Body Styling, Aqua Fit, indoor cycling, HOT IRON™.

Including pilates, yoga, Stretch & Relax, BODY SKILLS® release.

Customized fitness program, individually designed for you by a personal trainer (additional charge).

Saunas; treatments with additional charge: massage, beauty, Ayurveda, Hawaiian temple massage, shiatsu, thalasso, physiotherapy.

| 1 Ayurvedic head massage with soothing oil flow treatment
| 1 Ayurvedic foot massage with hot compresses
| 1 Ayurvedic tea
Total time: 70 min., price: 84.86£


At our bike station (external company, additional charge) you will find a choice of around 100 different high-performance CANYON bikes: fast road bikes, mountain bikes for demanding climbs and comfortable touring bikes for a pleasant trip along the coast.

For everyone who likes to spend their holiday on the move. Simply join a tour (additional charge) and discover the surrounding area with an expert local guide at your side. 

Ever wanted to cruise along country roads on a genuine Harley Davidson®? Then make your dream come true at ROBINSON CLUB CALA SERENA. Join day trips (external company, additional charge) on a Harley or, if it's been a long time since you've been in the saddle, experience a multi-day "back to biking" course.

The day trips and 2–3 day refresher courses are available from April to October. Groups are between 5 and 10 people.

Cycling and Harley Davidson®


At the CANYON.BASE on Mallorca we offer beginners and seasoned cyclists a range of Canyon bikes for hire. Our guides Carsten Wolf (former world champion), Miguel and Carina would be happy to show you the nicest routes and sights on Mallorca in a group. We currently offer 12 tours between 30 and 110 kms. You can also of course simply hire one of our bikes and heard out alone with a Garmin GPS system and explore the wonderful Mallorca countryside for yourself.  

Two and three-day "back to biking" courses are available from April to October 2015.
Min./max group size: 5/10 per course. Price: from 345.51£.
Rent new Harley Davidson® motorbikes, guided tours.

Driving Range directly<br>at the club site
Driving Range directly
at the club site

For golfers, we offer a driving range (external company, additional charge) with 15 driving mats directly at the club site

The fantastic Vall d'Or 18-hole golf course (external company, additional charge) is just a few minutes away from ROBINSON CLUB CALA SERENA.

Golf holidays for the whole family

We have our own driving range with 15 driving mats, putting and chipping green on the club site.

VALL D’OR GOLF course is just 10 minutes away. A further 25 golf courses can be reached in 40 to 90 minutes.

Golf bag hire (additional charge).

Clubs to Hire on your travels
Premium clubs are available for hire from the club. Advance booking is possible.

Golf lessons for children and young people (on request, additional charge).

Green fee package can be booked in advance. Golf lessons for all levels of player.

NEW: Padel Tennis
A combination of tennis & squash


Padel is still a very new sport, but that does not keep it from being one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The modern game was invented in Mexico in 1965 and made its way to Europe in 1974 when it was introduced in Marbella in southern Spain. 

For the first time this summer, you can try out this new trend sport at our ROBINSON Club Cala Serena. 

A Padel match is always played in doubles, lasts three sets, and generally follows the rules of tennis. Scoring is also the same as in tennis.

Rules of the game 


  • The first service is played from right. 
  • At the moment of serving the player must hit the ball at or below waist level. 
  • The player who serves (the server) must have both feet behind the service line between the central service line and the side wall. 
  • The ball is served over the net diagonally into the opposite service area, the ball must bounce inside or on the line which limits the service box. 

Ball in play 

  • The use of the back and side walls is allowed, the ball will remain in play and should be returned before it bounces in the court for a second time 
  • The ball may bounce only once. 
  • The ball may only be played back if it has passed the net. 
  • Any player can volley the ball, except for the serve. 
  • It may be played against their own walls to bounce the ball over the net.
Game, set and match — at ROBINSON's largest tennis center

ROBINSON CLUB CALA SERENA has 13 tennis courts, including two floodlit indoor courts, more than any other ROBINSON Club in the world. Seven courts are floodlit, allowing you to carry on playing once it starts to get dark if you just can't tear yourself away. 

Enjoy your refreshments in the sports bar.

Court use and racket hire (HEAD) are included, tennis balls are available at an additional charge. There is also a racket shop and a tennis school*. Sessions with trainers and courts can be reserved in advance.

With its great tennis center, the club is the perfect location for your pre-season training.

Kids and teens
Fun for all ages

Free of charge: Baby bottle heating, pack for infants/baby monitor (limited number available), English language, refrigerator in room, buggies (limited number), high chairs, washing machines
Additional charge: monitoring via cell phone, laundry. 

Babysitter service (limited): charged on site 10.39£/hr/kid, maximum of 2 kids per babysitter, reservation one week in advance is recommended.

Scheduled programs of activities (excluding the main arrival day) for Minis (3–6 years) and in the peak holiday periods for Kids (7–12 years).

For the ROBS (age 13 and above), there are scheduled programs of activities during peak holiday periods (excluding main arrival day). Youth center.1

Water Sports*
Diving in the turquoise sea

Do you want to change your perspective and take a look deep below the surface? Then sign up for a diving course (external company, additional charge) directly here on our beautiful beach. Discover the ocean flora and fauna from our dive center. Conditions are even ideal for children. Professionally equipped, state of the art SSI and Barracuda dive center with beautiful flora and fauna. Special courses also available. Ideal conditions for children (additional charge).
Further information from www.tauchschule-mallorca.de

Ball sports
Beach Volleyball & Soccer

Small/large games and sporting competitions, beach volleyball, Soccerena with artificial pitch.

Evening theater shows, beach parties, live music and NITE CLUB.

Experience a smart and stylish atmosphere that has the power to inspire as well as entertain: including evening theater shows, folklore shows, outdoor evenings with food in the open air, beach parties, live music, Barlife and Dance, NITE CLUB.

Riding trips

If you love being on the back of a horse, we will be delighted to organize riding trips for you in the Cala Mondrago conservation area — an incredible stable (external company, additional charge) is close by. Tailored program on request (additional charge). Program subject to alterations. Rental cars* can be booked. 

Creative and active

Creative workshop for beginners and professionals of all ages, design using acrylic, oil or palette knife techniques, and much more (additional charge). Further information at www.joerg-schreiber.de or by email: joerg_schreiber@web.de.

Services marked with a * can be booked on site with an external company for an additional charge.

These services are not provided by ROBINSON or your travel operator!

1 National law stipulates that alcoholic drinks can only be served to guests aged 18 and above.

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