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        Trend Sports

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        Sports and fun with ROBINSON

        Trend sports? In typical ROBINSON fashion, we are always on the lookout for new sports activities that promote fun and a great atmosphere — something that you can take part in if you feel like exercising. Let's go slacklining or play a few games of freeGolf®, crossboccia or floorball! You want a more leisurely activity, but don't like sitting around? Our recreational sports, availableat all our clubs, offer a whole lot of fun. Give them a go and prepare to be amazed! Indoor action and outdoor fun — the ROBINS are on hand to help you discover trend sports. Whether it's summer or winter — a ROBINSON holiday is a time for trend sports.

        Bang on trend

        Vier Personen wollen Tischtennis spielen gehen

        There is only one rule when it comes to trend sports: fun always comes before fitness! We turn the entire club resort into a playing field for young and old alike. Just jump in if you want a piece of the action: guaranteed fun with freeGolf®, crossboccia or slacklining.

        Slacklining — Improve Your Balance and Concentration
        You really do not need much equipment at all — just the webbing and a couple of suitable anchor points. Maybe the trees nestled in the mountains around ROBINSON CLUBS LANDSKRON or AMADÉ? Or the aromatic pine trees at ROBINSON CLUB NOBILIS? You decide where you want to become a rope artiste. This trend sport improves balance, concentration and coordination, and also demonstrates your elegance! Your artful, contorted movements are bound to put a smile on the faces of everyone around you — the muscles in your face will get a workout too, from all the laughing.

        Your Crossboccia Arena Is All Around You
        A trend sport that conquers the third dimension. Crossboccia doesn’t just involve rolling the balls across the ground. No, with this sport they are rolled over tables and benches, down balconies, up walls and over any conceivable obstacle. Revolutionized with new balls that will rest on flat surfaces, crossboccia has evolved from traditional boccia to become a real trend sport. Where will you play crossboccia? ROBINSON CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA, NOBILIS or CALA SERENA?

        Es wird Jakkolo gespielt

        Dynamic with team Spirit — Floorball as a trend sport

        Ever played floorball? At ROBINSON CLUB FLEESENSEE, we are looking forward to introducing you to this trend sport! Floorball is similar to hockey, but much more trendy — more fun and fewer rules. Pack your indoor sneakers and get into it!

        After all these crazy trend sports, are you ready for something a little "gentler"? The ROBINS are waiting for you with a game of darts, fun-packed social games, table tennis, street bowling, Kubb, Bavarian curling, shuffleboard, mini golf and 1001 other ideas!

        Perosene beim Golfs spielen, Plamen im Hitergrunde und Gebäude

        Want to play freeGolf® at ROBINSON CLUB

        and forget all about golf etiquette? OK, but where? Well, anywhere in the club resort — except on the golf course! Hit your balls over bushes and walls and back past the pool — you decide where you want it to end up. All players take turns to hit their balls until everyone has reached the finish. Fewer rules, more fun! To ensure this trend sport is safe, we use special golf balls and clubs. Where do you want to tee-off?