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        Zwei Gäste spielen Badminton in einer Halle

        Badminton & Squash

        Badminton and squash at ROBINSON Club

        Badminton is the perfect sport for the whole family to enjoy together — in summer and winter. You get a great workout, play at your own pace, and improve your fitness while having fun. At the ROBINSON AMADÉ and ROBINSON FLEESENSEE, court use and equipment rental are included in the price of your holiday. Our badminton courts and multifunctional halls are also open during the winter months. You can also get a great workout with a game of squash at selected clubs.

        Badminton turns you into a versatile athlete: Those who have mastered this fast game possess the endurance of a marathon runner, the power of a bowler, the speed of a sprinter, as well as strong nerves, agility and focus …


        Accept the challenge and play badminton at ROBINSON Club. Badminton is a game for the whole family — big and small, young and old. Everyone plays at their own pace, either fast-paced or at a leisurely speed. This racket game is fun right from the start. Even as a beginner you progress quickly and train your body very easily to its peak performance. Run free and develop your strength, reactions, endurance and agility while having fun — badminton is the perfect game to do this. With shuttlecock speeds of up to 300 km/h, you won’t even have time to notice how your body rises to the challenge.

        • Fun and playing techniques

          Fun, whatever the weather

          The featherweight shuttlecock and ultra-fast strokes mean that every gust can blow your game off course. At our clubs, you can play badminton in the hall when the weather outside isn't ideal. The badminton courts feature the best equipment, and court use and racket rental are included in the price of your badminton holiday. Just bring your own indoor sneakers and off you go!

          Playing Techniques

          At our clubs with badminton courts, our ROBINS are more than happy to show you the correct playing techniques — and everything else will just fall into place. Already familiar with the terms "clear", "drop", "smash" and "drive"? Then simply rent some rackets and shuttlecocks (YONEX) and get working on your technique. Ranging from simple rallies to sporting competitions — badminton at ROBINSON Club offers something for everyone.

        Badminton in Austria and Germany

        At the ROBINSON AMADÉ and ROBINSON FLEESENSEE the large multifunctional halls with badminton court and equipment rental are always available to use. Small and large competitions, training sessions and a whole lot of fun for you and your family: Enjoy exciting matches to find out who has the best smash! A squash court (additional charge) is also available at certain times of the day.

        Badminton package

        After a game of badminton or squash, you can enjoy the regional delicacies served up by the ROBINSON chefs — you deserve a treat after all that hard work on the court! At the ROBINSON FLEESENSEE and  ROBINSON AMADÉ, the whole badminton package is included in the price of your holiday. We are happy to help should you have any question about booking.

        • ROBINSON clubs that offer badminton and squash

          You can play badminton at these ROBINSON Clubs:

          ROBINSON AMADÉ, Austria (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer and winter)

          Squash (additional charge) is offered at this ROBINSON Club:

          ROBINSON FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer and winter)

        • Badminton and squash — equipment and partners

          With first-rate equipment all your smashes are bound to be successful! We also work with prestigious ball sports partners. The badminton shuttlecocks are supplied by YONEX.