Fitness focus on your holiday

Groupfitness is Robinson's WellFit program for those who want to get active. There are classes run every day, all included in the room price. Get started, you have got plenty of options to pick from. 


GroupFitness at ROBINSON CLUB

Step, indoor cycling, Hot Iron® — pick your favorite classes from our wide-ranging GroupFitness program. We will get you and the whole class moving with music. Familiarize yourself with both conventional sports and the latest fitness trends in our GroupFitness program at every ROBINSON CLUB. 

All GroupFitness options are naturally included!
Try them out, you’ll love them! Or consult our expert trainers on which classes are suitable for you. Combine those classes that appeal to you and get your body in top form during your vacation!

All courses - effective group training

Try new types of sports, train the whole body, have fun exercising with Aqua Fit and XCO® 

Hot Iron®

Build strength, get fit and have a lot of fun doing it — Hot Iron® makes it possible.

indoor cycling

Get on your bike and out into the nature — but what about when it’s raining? No problem! 

One thing is certain: during even your very first GroupFitness workout, you’ll already be able to test your limits and improve your performance! GroupFitness is one of the five pillars of ROBINSON WellFit®, in which our WellFit ROBINS help you bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance. And because wellness and fitness are inseparably linked at ROBINSON CLUBS, we believe it's the mix that makes it! Our classes allow you to work your whole body effectively, and in a way that suits you: whether it’s dynamic and energy-burning, like step or Kranking®, or relaxed and gentle, like Back Fit.

Work out completely at ease in small groups! Exercising with like-minded people is great fun and motivates you to stick with it. We offer numerous new and conventional trend sports for beginners and the advanced from the age 14 and over (indoor cycling and Hot Iron® from the age of 16) in our Sport&Fun CLUBS ÇAMYUVA . GroupFitness programs at all our other ROBINSON CLUBS also offer all sorts of ways to exercise.

"Young at Heart" — best age 50+ at ROBINSON
ROBINSON aims to provide a wide-ranging WellFit program for all those who are young at heart, too. All of our current WellFit offers have been tested for this purpose and special programs have been put together for Best Agers. "Young at heart" classes are open to anyone who is healthy and who can take part, regardless of their age group. 50+ indicates all those classes that are held with particular attention to Best Agers.

The ROBINSON program has included functional training for a long time. The new deepWORK® class now rounds off the program. deepWORK® is functional training with a holistic approach: Western "functional training" coupled with Far East training philosophies. It goes far beyond the conventional approach of functional training and burns considerably more calories. In combination with specially adapted Deep House Music, it often gives participants a kind of fitness rush. This is what participants have to say about deepWORK®: "energizing", "emotion-enhancing" and often even "an aphrodisiac"! Even though the training is strenuous and demanding, it is suitable for everyone, as it is your workout and your limits that you are tackling!

Beautiful Mommy
When mothers with small children go on vacation, they often experience it as simply carrying on their everyday lives in different surroundings. However, a class program directly tailored to their needs can make all the difference in allowing them to return home from with a lasting feeling of relaxation.
All-round program for new mothers: Pilates, fascia training, interval training (Tabata), spinal exercises, Feldenkrais yoga, balance and co-ordination training, endurance training, relaxation methods, and breathing exercises.
All classes, with or without baby, provide safe and effective training based on current scientific principles and under expert and friendly guidance. 

GroupFitness Guide

Sportswear and, in particular, sports shoes must be worn during training for your safety and to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Our fitness studios are open to all guests over the age of 16.
GroupFitness and Body&Mind classes are open to all guests over the age of 14 (excluding HOT IRON® and indoor cycling, which are from 16+). Special events and courses for younger guests are occasionally held at selected clubs.

Keep moving! Fantastic classes: from Aqua Fit to XCO®
Looking for water-based endurance and strength training? Then grab a pool noodle and join an Aqua Fit class! Enjoy whole-body exercise that’s not only gentle on your joints, but also highly effective and fun. Kranking® classes at CLUB ÇAMYUVA and at CLUB NOBILIS are a real novelty in our WellFit program: work out your shoulders, triceps, and biceps using this innovative piece of fitness equipment shaped like a curved crank handle.

Our ROBINSON CLUB GroupFitness programs also offer strength training (e.g. Back Fit), endurance (Step), Aqua Fit, indoor cycling, Hot Iron ®, XCO®, Slings ATHLETIC®, Nordic walking and functional training.

Expert trainers on hand to advise you
Would you like to know which sports classes will push you to your limits? Our qualified, expert trainers are here to advise you on our different workout programs in a personal consultation. You are guaranteed to find the right classes for you for both body and mind. Our varied programs and WellFit training concept are perfect for your wellbeing and physical vitality, whether it's strength training, endurance, or Nordic walking.


CLUB AGADIR, Morocco (summer and winter)
CLUB ALPENROSE ZÜRS, Austria (winter)
CLUB AMADÉ, Austria (summer and winter)
CLUB AMPFLWANG, Austria (summer)
CLUB APULIA, Italy (summer)
CLUB AROSA, Switzerland (summer and winter)
CLUB CALA SERENA, Spain (summer and winter)
CLUB ÇAMYUVA, Turkey (summer)
CLUB DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)
CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)
CLUB FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer and winter)
CLUB JANDIA PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)

CLUB LANDSKRON, Austria (summer and winter)
CLUB MALDIVES, Maldives (summer and winter)
CLUB NOBILIS, Turkey (summer and winter)
CLUB PAMFILYA, Turkey (summer)
CLUB QUINTA DA RIA, Portugal (summer and winter)
CLUB SARIGERME PARK, Turkey (summer)
CLUB SCHLANITZEN ALM, Austria (summer and winter)
CLUB SOMA BAY, Egypt (summer and winter)


Many prestigious partners guarantee that our equipment is always up-to-date, of high technical quality and consistent with the latest trends in all our WellFit areas. NIKE is the outfitter for the ROBINS in the area of fitness clothing. Train on fitness equipment from market leaders Technogym, in every club you can utilize the facilities of Power Plate® vibration training and manage your training with heart rate monitors by POLAR. In selected WellFit spas you will have access to exclusive high-quality cosmetics by THALGO and ST BARTH. TOGU is a partner for the WellFit TOP events. Our expert partner for quality assurance in the WellFit spas is the European Wellness Institute (EWI).

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