Yoga program on holiday

Yoga on Resort Holiday

Bring your body and mind into harmony, find yourself and be healthy — that is the aim of the Indian philosophy of yoga. Leave your everyday worries behind and recharge your batteries with yoga at your ROBINSON CLUB.


Yoga — embark on a journey to achieve an inner sense of wellbeing and spiritual serenity

"Yoga" is the term used to describe many practices that aim to bring body and mind into harmony. Yoga has its roots in the Vedic scriptures (Vedas), a large body of Hindu texts that date back to pre-Christian times. Nowadays, there is a wide range of different yoga styles and teachings. Hatha yoga is the form of yoga that is most commonly practiced in the western world. This form of yoga is also taught on many yoga holidays.

Five Reasons for Yoga

Five arguments for yoga that will win you over

Yoga improves your body's flexibility, mobility and strength.

Yoga activates your internal organs.

Yoga reduces stress.

Yoga burns calories.

Yoga improves sleep and strengthens the immune system.

What's so Special About Yoga?

Modern yoga combines physical exercises (known as asana), breathing exercises, deep relaxation, and meditation techniques.

The aim of the individual exercises is to increase the body's vitality and achieve inner peace. This holistic concept makes yoga unique. For this reason, yoga courses and yoga holidays are becoming ever more popular.

The History of Yoga

Enlightenment through meditation. Originally, yoga was an entirely spiritual path — the many asana developed over time. The main aim is to strengthen and mobilize the body. Here, the focus is on sitting in the lotus position (meditation position) without discomfort for as long as possible.

The positive effects of the physical exercises on our general wellbeing have gained more and more recognition over time, and the asana have been developed further. Today, the physical activity performed in yoga is seen as even more important. This development is reflected in the emergence of hatha yoga.

The Right Clothing — Comfortable and Breathable

Yoga clothing must not be restrictive, should be able to stretch and should allow perspiration to pass through. Shorts or trousers and a casual shirt or top are ideal choices.

Leggings or loose harem pants are very popular. You do not need shoes or socks as asana are performed barefoot on a mat.

It is recommended that you do

not eat or drink anything while performing yoga. You should wait two hours after eating a meal before performing yoga.You may have one portion of fruit, vegetables, nuts or juice before the class. After yoga, you should wait at least half an hour before eating. The best things to eat after yoga are light foods, such as vegetables, salad or fish. At many ROBINSON CLUBS we offer you WellFood range. You should have a drink straight after your yoga class — preferably still water or warm tea.

The best time to do yoga is early in the morning. But the asana can also help you get into a peaceful frame of mind in the evening or late afternoon. One of the most well-known asana is the sun salutation.Sunrise and sunset are not just the most atmospheric moments of the day, they are alsothe best times of day for a yoga class.

Yoga for Children at ROBINSON CLUB

Many asana are suitable for beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts alike, as well as for children and young people. That's why our ROBINS are always offering events where our younger guests can practice yoga exercises and learn relaxation techniques.

Yoga is healthy and children have great fun doing it. Both yoga and hatha yoga promote concentration, balance, physical fitness and self-awareness.

Yoga on Holiday


Yoga has been offered as part of our BODY & MIND program at many ROBINSON CLUBS for a number of years now. If you want yoga to be part of your holiday, we're the right choice for you: Experienced yogis will help you rediscover your inner peace and gently train your body. Take some time for yourself and listen to your inner voice.

Put your body and mind at peace in extraordinary locations by the sea or in the mountains and reap the benefits of the yoga exercises. Going on a journey means forging new paths for yourself and leaving your everyday life behind you. ROBINSON CLUB offers you individual exercises with focus on specific themes as well as yoga holidays with workshops and presentations. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, get in touch with your body and relax your mind with a yoga holiday at your ROBINSON CLUB!

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