Harley Davidson Motorbiking Holiday
On the Road Again — Motorbiking Holidays at ROBINSON CLUB

You want to make a lifelong dream come true and experience a motorcycle vacation on the back of a Harley Davidson®? Then the ROBINSON CLUBS CALA SERENA AND FLEESENSEE are the perfect place for you! On the beautiful island of Majorca, you can enjoy unforgettable motorbike tours in 

summer and winter. At our club in Germany, you can spend the summer months cruising the beautiful surroundings on a motorbike. It’s been a while since you last rode a motorbike? No problem, our partner company also offers "back-to-biking" courses so you can reignite your passion.

The time is ripe for adventure
The time is ripe for adventure

Even if you have just begun discovering the world of choppers or need to refresh your skills, you are in the right place with us. At our clubs, we work with external companies that offer refresher courses perfectly tailored to your motorbiking level. A combination of theory-based and practical training will have you back in the saddle in no time. In just two to three days of back-to-biking, you will feel like you were born on a Harley. If you just can’t get enough, book a day tour on a Harley Davidson® and discover the beautiful scenery of the Mecklenburg Lake District or the picturesque coastal roads of Majorca on your motorbiking vacation.

Take part in our guided tours or rent your Harley Davidson® and head out on your own motorbiking holiday adventure!

Harley Davidson® — Prices and Services

Harley Davidson® tours and hire:

  • Half-day and full-day tours (offer varies) including gas, voucher for a Harley Davidson® t-shirt and insurance
  • Price: $149 half-day tour/$202 full-day tour

Harley Davidson® hire:

  • Choice of the latest models
  •  Hire includes: motorcycle clothing (biker jacket,  gloves and helmet in standard sizes)
  • Price: half-day from $106 to $210 depending on model


  • Minimum age of 25
  • Personal ID and driving license (FS Class A) and riding experience
  • Long trousers and sturdy footwear
  • Credit card number as a deposit for excess in the event of personal liability and third-party insurance claims
  • All prices are per person, excluding accommodation costs

Motorbiking Vacation on Majorca —

Want to refresh you skills? Then book a "back-to-biking" course (additional charge) directly at the club. Already confident on a motorbike? Then discover the diversity of this fascinating island by taking trips along the coast. Set off for Palma or the fishing town of Cala d'Or. The roads are perfect for a motorbiking vacation on a Harley Davidson®. On one side you have the impressive rocky coastline and on the other the picturesque bays — that is the beauty of a motorbiking holiday with ROBINSON.

Motorbiking Vacation in German —
If you are planning a motorbiking vacation, it needn’t always be Route 66 — there are also unlimited options in Germany. Long, straight roads, little traffic and the beautiful backdrop of the Mecklenburg Lake District — an absolutely idyllic place for bikers right on your doorstep. In courses tailored to your driving ability, the Harley Davidson® Academy of Motorcycling shows you just how close the Harley Davidson® dream is.
At the club's training site, you will learn how to handle the bike safely in theory and in practice. And then you hit the road for your motorbiking adventure in Germany. Both guided tours and your own excursions will give you the thrill and feeling of freedom when you take to the road on a Harley Davidson®.


CLUB CALA SERENA, Spain (summer and winter)

CLUB FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer)

Harley Davidson® — OUR partner

Harley Davidson® is synonymous with the biking lifestyle and the excitement of motorcycling. A legend of freedom on two wheels! Experience this driving fun on extraordinary routes, taking in enthralling scenery on your motorbiking holiday at ROBINSON CLUB. Enjoy the great outdoors and the unforgettable feeling of freedom — that is a motorbiking holiday on a Harley Davidson®!

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