Food and drink for children
Children's restaurants at Robinson Clubs

Eating on vacation: naturally, your fabulous ROBINSON CLUB vacation includes tasty, healthy, and balanced meals. If you are on a family vacation with children, then healthy eating is even more important. That's why ROBINSON has children's restaurants at select clubs, just for you.


Water and fruit juices are available on every table. And your children can snack on our healthy vegetable sticks to their heart's content.

Do you want to know more about childcare on holidays for your family vacation? In many clubs there are age-appropriate programs available.

All children's restaurants at ROBINSON are specially designed and kitted out to meet the needs of your little ones. In select areas, some buffet counters are at child-height.

Your children are also sure to love the decor in our children's restaurants. The creative wall paintings and table decorations are especially imaginative. Some children's restaurants offer highchairs as well as lower tables and chairs.

Children's ROBINS are there at every mealtime to help carry and even cut up your kids' food for them. For those children whose parents are elsewhere in the club, they also make sure some vegetables make it onto their plates. Although table manners are observed in our children's restaurants, it’s not so terrible when a glass gets knocked over or if food gets dropped on the floor.

Children's restaurants
Which clubs have them?

These clubs offer children's restaurants for your children, designed with them in mind:

CLUB APULIA, Italy (summer)
CLUB DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)
CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)

CLUB NOBILIS, Turkey (summer and winter)
CLUB PAMFILYA, Turkey (summer)

Children's restaurant in detail:
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