Indoor cycling included in resort price

Indoor Cycling: Become Super Fit With Indoor Cycling on Your Resort Holiday

Get on your bike and out into the nature — but what about when it’s raining? No problem! Thanks to indoor cycling, you can also get fit inside. The training program can be even more effective than classic cycling tours. Train your body with indoor cycling on your ROBINSON resort holiday. 


The inside all-rounder


indoor cycling stimulates the metabolism, strengthens muscles and burns fat: Training on the stationary bicycle consumes 600 to 800 calories per hour. Buttocks, upper thigh, and core are the focus alongside the legs, as indoor cycling involves regularly raising yourself up from the saddle. There are also no pauses like with outdoor cycling — it’s non-stop peddling. Music helps provide that extra dose of motivation. This also helps keep the mind free. Give it a try!

Stay in shape on your ROBINSON holiday — like this:

A Sport for Any Weather

Come rain or snow, indoor cycling keeps you in top shape in summer and winter. One of the sport’s greatest advantages is in the name. Indoor cycling is inside. This makes indoor cycling the all-weather counterpart to road cycling. Even if a few gray clouds do appear overheard on your summer holiday, indoor cycling means the workout doesn’t have to stop. In winter, it provides the ideal balance to long hikes.


Individualized Training: You Choose the Level

Beginner, expert and pros train together in the group with indoor cycling. You choose the resistance and variation of pedaling speed with indoor cycling. You train as hard as you think is right. Listen to your body — and get it moving with indoor cycling at your ROBINSON CLUB.


Is Indoor Cycling Also Suitable For Children?

Indoor cycling is recommended for participants aged 16 and over. This is primarily due to the build of the bikes. They are designed for a certain body size to allow the correct posture when seated. However, ROBINSON has childcare programs for children ofany age — starting with ROBY BABY & SUPER MINIS for the very young, right up to ROBS for teenagers aged 13 and over. This means mom and dad can power down on the pedals while the kids enjoy exciting adventures.

Indoor Cycling: What You Need to Train


Special indoor cycling gear is tight-fitting and breathable. This is important to ensure that nothing hinders or disturbs the swift movement. However, standard, snug fitting cycling or sports clothing is sufficient for getting started with. Bring sufficient water to the training session because you’ll really work up a sweat. Also, any meal eaten beforehand should not sit heavily in the stomach and should be eaten some time before starting. Preferably, both before and after a training session, choose our WellFood®. A balanced, light meal is very important on your active wellness holiday.

Indoor cycling at your ROBINSON CLUB

Train your body and find your limits together with the group. With GroupFitness, you’ll get in great shape on your ROBINSON vacation. The program is one of the five pillars of the ROBINSON WellFit® program that we provide to help you to bring your body, spirit and soul into balance.. Our highly qualified trainers will show you how it works. Simply give it a go and find your new favorite sport. Perhaps it’s indoor cycling! Working out with like-minded people makes it twice the fun. Motivating each other is a big part of it. All GroupFitness programs are naturally included.

These ROBINSON CLUBS offerindoor cycling:

CLUB AGADIR, Morocco (summer and winter)
CLUB AMPFLWANG, Austria (summer)
CLUB APULIA, Italy (summer)
CLUB CAMYUVA, Turkey (summer)
CLUB DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)
CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)
CLUB FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer and winter)
CLUB JANDIA PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)

CLUB MASMAVI, Turkey (summer)
CLUB NOBILIS, Turkey (summer)
CLUB PLAYA GRANADA, Spain (summer)
CLUB SARIGERME PARK, Turkey (summer)
CLUB SCHLANITZEN ALM, Austria (summer and winter)
CLUB SOMA BAY, Egypt (summer and winter)

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