A huge range of options both above and below the water
Water sports on a ROBINSON CLUB holiday

What would a holiday at the sea be without fun and action in the water? Try out a range of water sports on your next ROBINSON holiday. We offer kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, surfing and diving

The water sports stations at ROBINSON resorts provide you with high-quality equipment and the trainers on site are certified professionals. As a rule, you can book try-out sessions in all resorts offering water sports. 


Learning kitesurfing is easy! Promise! Glide across the water with the power of the wind. With the wind in your hair, you have a clear view across the sea and land. The sun and saltwater on your skin will lift your spirit into the sky.

Learn kitesurfing on a ROBINSON CLUB holiday in Egypt, Tunisia and on the Maldives. Professional courses guide you step by step in kitesurfing experience.

Catamaran sailing

You’ve always wanted to learn sailing on a catamaran — preferably on holiday? Selected ROBINSON resorts in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Spain, Germany, and other countries offer you a wide choice of sailing and catamaran possibilities.

On offer are sailing courses for beginners and enthusiasts alike. You can rent materials and equipment at the resort. Our sailing holidays are supported by selected partners such as TOPCAT, Hobiecat and Chiemsee.


Windsurfing is considered the mother of all fun sports. Depending on the wind and waves, you can quickly enjoy the thrill of speed with windsurfing. If you would like to learn windsurfing on a ROBINSON CLUB holiday, there are many resorts on the sea offering the courses and equipment to do so. 

In Turkey, a first-rate surfing location is waiting for you; surfing in Greece is perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. In Germany, you can try out surfing on a lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District. 


Stand-up paddling is the perfect alternative for surfers when the waves are away for the day. Stand-up paddling is possible on lakes, rivers and the sea and gives you a great full-body workout. 

Stand-up paddling is incredibly easy to learn, which is why it's perfect for beginners. Would you like to try stand-up paddling on your next ROBINSON CLUB holiday? Then head off to Morocco, Italy, Germany, Spain, or Turkey. 


Surfing is not only massively popular around the world, it is also very popular with beginners. The ideal ROBINSON Club for learning to surf is Club Agadir in Morocco

In 2–3-day courses, you learn both the theory as well as how to stand correctly on the board as you ride the waves. 


While diving beneath the water, you discover fascinating worlds full of colorful schools of fish and a diverse range of plants. You can learn diving in selected ROBINSON resorts in Italy, Spain, Egypt, on the Maldives, and in Turkey

Your holiday is the perfect opportunity to take a diving course or book dives, including boat ride.

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