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        Share the moment

        Holiday at ROBINSON – at home all over the world!

        A holiday at ROBINSON means experiencing unforgettable moments together in a relaxed atmosphere.  

        These moments can be shared in one of our first-class club resorts directly at the sea, in the mountains or at captivatingly beautiful lakes. Through our passion, we shape the unique ROBINSON atmosphere every day of your stay, letting you experience wonderful times together – with family, friends and also individually.  With us you can unwind and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, search for inspiration and find many small moments of pure happiness. Share your quality time with people who are most important to you and with those who might become so. Share the Moment!

        What ROBINSON is about? Have a look!

        ROBINSON - Share the moment

        A holiday at ROBINSON means experiencing unforgettable moments together in a relaxed atmosphere. This special feeling is now also expressed in the new brand claim: Share the Moment!

        Your most beautiful moment.

        How do you describe your most beautiful holiday moment? It might take place on the beach, someone dear to you by your side, a gentle breeze on your skin and a fresh, delicious looking drink in your hand. Or maybe it’s the moment when your children sit blissfully across from you at dinner after a fulfilling day with new friends, regaling you about their adventures while the mouth-watering aroma of grilled food whets your appetite?  

        What is certain is that when you experience something particularly beautiful, when a moment is almost perfect and you can enjoy it for what it is, when you have this warm feeling inside that everything around you is just right, then you know that this is an unforgettable moment.   

        Sharing is the new experience: Share the Moment.

        We believe that such special moments become even more precious and memorable when shared with others! That’s why we have a new brand claim for ROBINSON: ROBINSON. Share the Moment. Share your moment, express your happiness and feelings. Experience your moment with those dearest to you and share it with your friends.  

        Mitarbeiterin umarmt Gäste

        We share the most beautiful moments with you.

        We share with you what we do best. And we love what we do. Our passion lets us use our experience and knowledge to prepare the most beautiful moments for you in the most wondrous of places. This is how we create that special ROBINSON atmosphere every day of your stay, making it seem so effortless for you to experience inspiring times together.  

        Heart-warming memories.

        A holiday with ROBINSON is created out of many such moments. Moments that let you feel the light-heartedness of life, that let you switch off and simply set your spirit free. All these moments represent such heart-warming memories of times when you had fun together, making new friends, listening to the cry of the sea, of winning a round of golf. They are memories of shared moments from us to you, of you with your loved ones. Share these moments - Share the Moment!

        Experiencing moments together.

        How much pleasure do you derive from listening to your overjoyed son, as he talks about catching his very first big wave while surfing? How contented are you when you can finally spend a day together with the whole family, sharing a meal, enjoying each other’s company? How stimulating is it to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine with new friends? Sharing such moments together is simply twice as intense and enjoyable.  

        The ROBINSON included promise

        • Gourmet buffets with live cooking and special children's meals
        • Full board or all-inclusive made by ROBINSON, brand drinks with the buffet 
        • 64 types of sport to try out
        • Surfing and sailing equipment for license holders
        • Professional GroupFitness and Body&Mind programs
        • Pedagogically qualified and attentive childcare
        • Premium entertainment with shows, parties, live music, and much more.
        • WIFI in all resorts


        Our values – our new logo.

        What do you associate with a parrot?

        It’s a sociable animal, it likes to talk, it likes to live with family and friends, it has a sense of humour and has been a symbol for ROBINSON for more than 50 years. And because it fits so perfectly to us, it will continue to be our heraldic bird. Our new logo signifies a fresh and more modern typographical approach. The parrot is back in the spotlight and represents an easily recognisable image. Its characteristics as a sociable, humorous and cheerful animal make it an authentic brand ambassador for us, because no other animal embodies our values as well as the parrot.

        Easy-going, light-hearted and free.

        Doesn’t that sound inviting? Start the day enjoying quality time together over a delicious breakfast, contemplating whether to spend the day on the sun lounger on the beach or improving on your handicap on the golf course nearby. Our Wellfit courses are guaranteed to bring you even closer to your desire for absolute relaxation. What’s important for us is that we offer you the perfect setting. Allowing you to while away the day, serene and relaxed. Because we know the benefit a laid-back lifestyle has for your relaxation.  

        Inspiring a sense of release for the mind and soul

        Inspiration is nourishment for the mind and soul. Inspiration lets you set out to try new things. It can be small things that inspire you and give you new strength: perhaps as simple as discovering new culinary delights. Or maybe you’ll push yourself to the limit while biking, playing beach volleyball or diving? We awaken your enthusiasm and give your body and mind the space it needs to take a deep breath from everyday life.  

        Joyful – pure joy

        One of our greatest challenges is to give you many small moments of happiness every day during your stay at ROBINSON. A feeling of pure happiness while enjoying an excellent meal in one of our wonderful restaurants. Or complete happiness spending quality time with your family. Perhaps you will also feel this moment of happiness during a tennis match with your newfound friends. These many small moments of happiness string together and a deep feeling of joy emerges. Joy that will live on in the memories of your holiday.  

        Togetherness – delightful moments together

        Spending time with loved ones is so precious. Time spent having meaningful conversations with each other, laughing wholeheartedly in each other’s company, drinking a delicious wine together. Time spent exploring new things, enjoying the yoga class with your daughter or savouring the sundowner cocktail on the beach. It can be truly wonderful to discover new passions together with your partner, your children and your new friends. At ROBINSON we give you time, freedom and a variety of possibilities.