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        Eltern laufen mit ihrem Kind am Strand entlang und lachen dabei

        Discounts for kids & teens

        Fixed rate for kids & discounts for teens

        Holidaying with the whole family at ROBINSON means pure holiday anticipation. Because ROBINSON has a huge selection of clubs suited to kids, teen's and families. You will also benefit from attractive price reductions for kids and teen's.

        1. Professional childcare for children aged 2 and above (SUPER MINIS)
        2. Attractive price offers for kids and teen's
        3. Qualified care for children and young people by staff members, the ROBINS.

        Discounts for kids and teens in detail

        • Discount for kids and teens in summer 2019

          The discounts vary depending on the club, period of travel and age. The age limits are usually 2–5 years and 6–14 years. 

          • Child discount at the beach resorts* 

          Children aged 2–14 receive a percentage discount on the club price.


          • Child rates at the mountain resorts* 

          The child rates shall apply to children aged 2–14 for selected periods of travel.


          *No early booking and long term discounts will apply to child rates.


          • Discount for teens 

          Teens aged 15–17 (not at ADULTS ONLY clubs) will receive a 40% discount on the club price.