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        We provide you with a continuously expanding portfolio of promotion materials. If you need additional materials, we are happy to create those for you. All promotion materials may only be used in agreement with ROBINSON. If you want to use promotion materials for advertising purposes outside the ROBINSON Affiliate Network, you need our prior consent.


        The following forms of promotion are not permitted:

        • Search engine spamming, specifically using so-called black hat methods, such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden content, etc.
        • Sending spam e-mails
        • Forced clicks, paid clicks, non-stop forwarding to landing pages, and the use of invisible landing pages or promotion materials
        • Keyword booking at ROBINSON (see "Branding")
        • Promotions using websites trying to imitate ROBINSON in any way
        • Creating cookies without the user deliberately executing the click 
        • Forms of promotion that damage the ROBINSON brand, in particular websites with racist or pornographic content; websites that prejudice against people based on their origin, religion or sexual orientation; extremist websites; websites promoting sedition, glorifying violence or calling upon the users to promote and/or glorify violence and/or sedition; websites about or operating in illegal contexts
        • Gift coupons that are not part of the affiliate/partner program
        • Forms of promotion that use ROBINSON promotion materials to spread ad- or spyware, desktop gadgets, browser plug-ins (e.g. toolbars)
        • Use of advertising space not certified by zanox
        • Advertising on incomplete websites ("under construction")
        • Advertising by means of pop-up, pop-under, layer, or iframe
        • Promotion on websites without a data protection policy


        Furthermore, the use of bots, automated tools/programs, or other methods utilized to crawl or scrape ROBINSON websites is prohibited. In case of any violation, a claim for compensation for damages in the amount of 0.5 euro cent per query may be imposed. If a publisher’s figures clearly indicate fraud, the burden of proof to refute such suspicions lies with the publisher. In cases where the publisher does not comply with this obligation, the advertiser may terminate the cooperation without notice. We cannot allow trial bookings, but we can perform tracking tests for you. Employees of the affiliate may book trips for themselves, but only to a certain extent.


        Unfortunately, we cannot permit our publishers to advertise the brand names Robinson, TUI, or to generate bookings, clicks, views or leads this way. This limitation includes the advertising of competitors' brands, incorrect spellings, as well as imitations of the brand or domains. Furthermore, it is prohibited to promote those keywords in search engines (e.g. meta tags) or to use the term "Robinson" in the URL. We are happy to advise you in case of doubt. ROBINSON is a trademark-protected term. We reserve the right to design any relevant promotion materials ourselves. However, if you have any suggestions regarding promotion materials, we will try our best to implement your ideas.