Have you already heard about Hot Iron® GroupFitness?

Hot Iron®: Whole Body Training With Barbells

Build strength, get fit and have a lot of fun doing it — Hot Iron® makes it possible. The innovative trend sport with barbells shapes your body holistically. Stirring music helps provide the necessary motivation. The rest comes from training in a group. Try it out at your ROBINSON CLUB.

Get in shape
Get in shape

This Is Hot Iron®

Hot Iron® is a whole-body strength workout with barbells. It combines strength and endurance exercises and leads to both weight loss and muscle building. Simple exercises with free weights strengthen your musculature from the shoulders to the legs. Above all, learning and perfecting your technique are the focus of the training, which is continually scrutinized by sports science. Music perfectly attuned to your workout energizes training sessions even more. Together with the other participants, you exercise to the beat — that’s what makes sports fun.


Who Is Hot Iron® Suited To?

Beginners and the advanced 16 and over train together in a Hot Iron® group. This is possible thanks to the weight of the barbells being individually customizable: Whether it’s one or five kilos — you use precisely the weight on each end suited to your strength and experience. This allows you to decide the intensity of your training yourself. Naturally, our experienced trainers at your ROBINSON CLUB will also help you choose the right weight.


That’s Why The Trend Sport Hot Iron® Is Worth Doing on Your Resort Holiday

Hot Iron® is the perfect sport for you if you:

  • want to reduce body fat.
  • want to build up muscle and harden your body.
  • you like energized training sessions in groups.
  • want to strengthen your back to help prevent back problems.
  • want to boost your metabolism.

Hot Iron® On Your ROBINSON Holiday?

To bear in mind when trying out Hot Iron®

For Hot Iron® training, you should definitely bring a hand towel and water bottle or sports drink. Participants work up a quite a sweat during the intense workout exercises. To ensure that your body is sufficiently hydrated, it is important to drink regularly during a session. Specialized clothing is not necessary for a Hot Iron® workout, standard sports gear is fine. Well-fitted sports shoes are a must to ensure a solid foothold during exercises.

Your last meal should be two to three hours before you start training. It is important that your meal is easily digestible food. Perfect for this is our WellFood® — the low-fat cuisine on offer at your ROBINSON CLUB.

Hot Iron® at your ROBINSON CLUB

Feel inspired to try out Hot Iron™? No problem! Hot Iron™ is part of your ROBINSON CLUB GroupFitness program, which is naturally included. Top-notch qualified trainers show you how Hot Iron™ works and answer all your questions. Discover the latest trend sport together with other guests and you’re sure to fall in love with it. Use your holiday to get in shape!

Hot Iron™ is available at these ROBINSON CLUBS:


CLUB AGADIR, Morocco (summer and winter)
CLUB AMADÉ, Austria (summer and winter)
CLUB AMPFLWANG, Austria (summer)
CLUB APULIA, Italy (summer)
CLUB AROSA, Switzerland (winter)
CLUB CALA SERENA, Spain (summer)
CLUB ÇAMYUVA, Turkey (summer)
CLUB DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)
CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)
CLUB FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer and winter)

CLUB JANDIA PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)
CLUB MALDIVES, Maldives (summer and winter)
CLUB MASMAVI, Turkey (summer)
CLUB NOBILIS, Turkey (summer)
CLUB PAMFILYA, Turkey (summer)
CLUB PLAYA GRANADA, Spain (summer)
CLUB QUINTA DA RIA, Portugal (summer)
CLUB SARIGERME PARK, Turkey (summer)
CLUB SOMA BAY, Egypt (summer and winter)

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