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        Holidays in Italy

        Live the Dolce Vita on your holiday in Italy

        Italy — the country in which the lemons blossom! The aroma of lemons in the air, the taste of tomatoes on your tongue — enjoy your holiday in Italy with all your senses and discover a country full of contrasts and passion. Crossing Italy from north to south is like traveling from Central Europe to almost as far as Africa. The landscapes, culinary traditions and the mentalities to be found across the boot of Italy could not be more different. But a zest for life and plenty of passion are the characteristics that unite the people of Sicily, Roma, Sardinia and Piedmont, giving the Southern European country its unique charm. On your holiday in Italy, discover that infectious zest for life so characteristic of the south.

        Explore Secret Alpine Worlds Italy is known first and foremost for its coastal landscapes full of beautiful long beaches and picturesque bays. But a large part of the country is actually dominated by impressive mountain ranges: It’s regions such as Trentino-South Tyrol, the Aosta Valley and Piedmont that make the Alps in northern Italy such a popular hotspot for winter sports. With great peaks like the Gran Sasso, as well as deep canyons and vast plains, the Apennine Mountains span from Liguria in the north all the way to Calabria in the south. Explorers of the mountainous Italian landscape, whether they're on foot or on a mountain bike, are often left speechless by the immense beauty and unspoiled nature of the scenery before their eyes. The coast of Italy — where holiday dreams come true Soft and charming or raw and bold — at 7,500 km long, the Italian coast has lots of unique stretches of coastline, and no two are the same. You'll find long, wide sandy beaches in popular coastal regions such as in Salento, the Riviera dei Fiori in Liguria or the Versilia in Tuscany, while steep rocky cliffs and secluded swimming bays make the Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast impressive natural spectacles. Ischia or Trieste, Lecce or Cagliari — whichever part of the coast you choose to visit in Italy, you will be fascinated by the beautiful colors of the sea from sunrise to sunset.

        Robinson Club Apulia — holidays in southern Italy

        • The club is ideal for children and families
        • Fine sandy beaches
        • Crystal-clear water
        • Relaxation like you've never experienced before
        • The club is ideal for children and families

        Experience all this at Robinson Club Apulia

        ROBINSON CLUB APULIA is situated on the Salento peninsula in the southern Italian region of Apulia. With its thick pine forests, fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the nature in Salento will give you unforgettable holiday moments and inspire you to try something new every day. Sport, relaxation and entertainment are the ingredients for a perfect holiday in Italy. At CLUB APULIA, water lovers can simply dive straight in or climb aboard a sailing boat to take on the wind and waves. But if you prefer to be on dry land, why not jump on a bike or pick up a tennis racket? Relaxation like you've never experienced before in the wonderful WellFit area: You can forget everything going on around you during yoga, Pilates, Body Styling, beauty or sauna sessions. While you're enjoying some "me time," the little ones will be kept entertained by the ROBINS with creative and age-appropriate childcare activities. Live music at the piano bar, Sundowner on the beach and lively shows — Italian holidays like this one should never be allowed to end ...