Eine Frau die beim Schnorcheln einige Korallen sieht

Floating on cloud nine

Diving holidays at ROBINSON CLUB

Einige Korallen vor denen gelbe Fische schwimmen

On a diving holiday, you learn the basics from our licensed diving instructors in the most beautiful diving areas in the world. Take part in breathtaking dives to the most beautiful reefs and uncover the mysteries of the deep. After your dive, relax at one of our ROBINSON CLUBS and enjoy the wonderful communal atmosphere while our Robins fulfill your every wish and make your diving holiday an unforgettable experience.


  • Services and prices

    Learning diving/diving courses

    Open-water diver
    This course prepares you to dive, providing you with a basic knowledge in theory and practice. Course duration is 3–5 days and is also available for teenagers aged 14 and over. Services: training material, examination fee and Open Water Diver (OWD) certification.
    Price: from €299 Specialty Diver
    Our Specialty Diver Package includes 2 specialties and 3 dives.
    Price: from €150 Specialties
    Various specialties are available depending on the club.
    Price: from €55 (price depends on the number of specialties and therefore the number of dives). Holiday Diving
    If you would like to take a short try-out course in the world of diving, we have just the thing for you! Our Holiday Diving offers you a short introduction to your diving holiday and is guaranteed to awake a love of the SEA in you! Services: 2–3 private taster sessions including video training as an introduction to diving, theory and sea diving (without certification/license)
    Price: from €65 Stress Rescue
    Our safety package prepares your for any situation and ensures you keep a cool head in an emergency beneath the water. Services: accident management, stress prevention, rescue exercises, video training, land and shallow water training.
    Price: from €250 Further information on diving, your diving holiday and diving courses is available here! 


    Single dive
    Services: Complete dive including boat trip.
    Price: 60 min. from €25 (the price depends on the equipment required and number of dives) Package of six dives
    This package includes 6 complete dives plus boat trip and offers the perfect basis for your diving holiday.
    Price: from €125 (the price depends on equipment required) From the seventh dive
    If you still can’t get enough, you save 20% on each additional dive from the seventh dive.
    Price: from €20 (the price depends on the resort, equipment required and number of dives).

  • Diving and swimming — children and teenagers

    Children's diving
    Children can also take part in diving holidays at our clubs JANDIA PLAYA, MALDIVES HUVADHU and SOMA BAY. There they will enjoy their first experience of diving and complete a course created in line with internationally recognized standards. They will also be looked after by specially trained children’s instructors and guides. (Can also be carried out in the pool.)
    Price: from €85 Junior Open Water
    Children can take their certification at the resorts JANDIA PLAYA, MALDIVES HUVADHU and SOMA BAY. The Open Water Diver course takes 3–5 days and is the basic training for young divers aged 12 and over. There they learn the basics of diving in both theory and practice.
    Services: training material, exam fee and Open Water Diver (OWD) certification.
    Price: from €250 Further information on diving, your diving holiday and diving courses is available here!

Discover the most beautiful diving spots in the world

Zwei Leute die beim schnorcheln Fische beobachten

Simply dive in — diving holidays the ROBINSON way
Down under the glittering surface of the sea, a strange and breathtaking world awaits. Just a small part of this world has already been discovered. The diving ROBINS are eager to get to the bottom of its mysteries with you. Just dive in and join the adventure on diving holidays at our ROBINSON CLUBS with dive center! The vast beach is right in front of the club, just a couple of meters away, then you can simply jump into the water and forget the world above the surface. Here in the depths time appears to stand still. The magic in the tranquility of the deeps will immediately capture your imagination, and one thing is certain after your first dive: you'll want to do it again and again! Our ROBINS have taken up residence at some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world, ready to share their passion with you.
On ROBINSON diving holidays, you'll discover a whole host of underwater worlds — each one more beautiful than the last On your diving holiday in Egypt, an indescribable panorama reef awaits at ROBINSON CLUB SOMA BAY — an absolute must-see! If you opt for a diving holiday in the Maldives, you'll find a piece of paradise nearby. Just a few steps over the white sand, and you'll find the house reef and many undisturbed outer reefs at your feet. On your diving holiday in Spain you'll discover a spectacular moray reef in the volcanic rock landscape of Fuerteventura and species-rich sea grass meadows and grottos on the sunny island of Majorca. You'll find out that the sea holds many surprises for you and that no two diving holidays are the same.

The best equipment and professional instructors for your safety All dive centers at our clubs are organized with Scuba Schools International, PADI or the German diving association (Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher) — our diving instructors are trained professionally in accordance with the association's guidelines and are on hand with their knowledge and experience for your expeditions into the deep. The dive boats that take you on your adventure are equipped with emergency kits and a radio and have high-quality oxygen tanks on board. You'll see that you are in the best hands. With top equipment you'll start your diving course (additional charge) or take on a number of different dives (additional charge). Fancy sharing this fascinating experience with your nearest and dearest? No problem — we also offer diving courses for children and young people. Whether it's a taster lesson (free of charge) with video briefing and theory, a single dive (additional charge), dive package (additional charge) or diving certification training  (additional charge) — at ROBINSON CLUB you'll experience a diving holiday just the way you like it. The weightless feeling when you relax in the depths and the world above appears to stand still for a moment is simply indescribable — let's experience this moment together!