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        Activity Programs for Children and Teenagers

        When going on holidays with the children you need to be able to both relax and enjoy an unforgettable time as a family. To make sure that your holiday together is unforgettable for all of you, ROBINSON offers many activity programs for children of all ages as well as lots of sports and leisure activities for teenagers.

        Programs and activities for children and teenagers:

        • Age-appropriate care and programs for 0–17 year olds
        • Professional sports courses and recreation rooms for teenagers
        • Creative and interest-oriented activities

        Holidays with Babies Aged 0–2 Years

        Are you going on holiday with your baby\nor infant? Then you have nothing to worry about. In\nselected family resorts, you additionally book the ROBY BABY SET service package for young parents. This includes everything your baby needs on holiday.

        Our family resorts include child-appropriate facilities as well as professional staff who are there to care for your children. In selected resorts, we’re also happy to book you a babysitter so that you can also spend some time relaxing alone with your partner.

        Holidays with 2-Year-Old Infants

        2-year-old infants are known as Super Minis at ROBINSON. Pedagogically trained staff will thrill your children at selected resorts with many creative play ideas.

        SUPER MINIS have their own play and rest room and are looked after during set hours in the morning, afternoon and evenings. Outside the set hours for SUPER MINIS, we are happy to book you a babysitting service.

        Mehrere Kinder sitzen zusammen und kriegen von der Betreuerin ein Buch vorgelesen

        Holidays with Children Aged 3–7 Years

        Children from 3–7 years are guaranteed to find new friends at ROBY CLUB quickly and enjoy many new adventures. In a protected environment, they are lovingly cared for by our ROBINS.

        Lots of colorful and creative activities are waiting for your children. Calling all dads: Check out our father-and-child activities. Your children will never forget activities such as GPS hikes or baking bread over the campfire.

        Holidays with Children Aged 8–12 Years

        8–12 year olds already know exactly what they want. That’s why the R.O.B.Y. Experience Worlds await them at our resorts, where they can really let off steam with creative and sports activities.

        The complete program takes place at ROBY CLUB CLASSIC, which is open during set hours. The R.O.B.Y. leisure program includes the activities R.O.B.Y. sport, R.O.B.Y. fun and R.O.B.Y. creative.

        Holidays with Children Aged 3–12 Years

        ROBY CLUB CLASSIC offers an all-round children’s activity program for 3–7 year olds. The program is primarily available in ROBINSON Clubs with fewer children.

        Our trained ROBINS entertain your children with varied and exciting adventure games, excursions or tournaments. All activities are based on your children's interests.

        Vier Jugendliche, die lachen und eine gute Zeit haben

        Holidays with Teenagers Aged 13–17 Years

        ROBS are what we here at ROBINSON call teenagers aged 13 and above. In selected resorts daily programs for all 13–17 year-olds take place throughout the day. In some clubs, groups are divided into ROBS 13+ and ROBS 15+.

        From 2016, our ROBS ONLY program is being expanded in selected resorts. This offers our teenage guests their very own TV channel, late breakfast, special pool times, their own stretch of beach, and much more.