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        Personal Training

        Personal Training: Discover Your Individual Strengths

        In peak condition with your own fitness trainer! Many ROBINSON Clubs offer personal trainers and customized holistic concepts tailored to your physical fitness and health to support you in the pursuit of your personal goals. ROBINSON Clubs offering personal trainers provide innovative training methods designed to increase muscular strength, as well as sport-specific training for those who wish to improve their performance in golf, tennis or another sport.

        Workout with Your Personal Trainer

        Realize your dream of greater physical fitness by training with your own personal trainer (additional charge) at many ROBINSON Clubs. An individually supervised training program during your ROBINSON vacation takes you one step closer towards a new, healthier life! Whatever your goal — a firmer body, increased muscular strength, improved physical fitness, or a stronger back — lay the foundations for achieving it with a ROBINSON fitness professional. Our qualified personal trainers will help you achieve your own personal performance goal with lasting results.

        Your Performance in Focus

        Clever athletes already use personal trainers. Special sport-specific training often works wonders in vastly improving your own performance and technique. Functional training units are offered by our qualified personal trainers directly at the club. Increased flexibility, improved explosive strength and endurance, and enhanced mental performance; all of this is possible. You will find your personal trainer at ROBINSON SOMA BAY, ROBINSON NOBILIS, ROBINSON CALA SERENA, ROBINSON ESQUINZO PLAYA and ROBINSON JANDIA PLAYA.

        Personal Training is offered in these resorts

        • SPA GYM - Effective Combination

          SPA GYM

          Thalassotherapy and fitness — the perfect spa combination. ROBINSON’S SPA GYM offers 3 different treatments focusing on detoxification, fat reduction, and tissue firming, which can be combined according to your needs.

          Power Plate training is short and intense, targeting the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen while increasing metabolic rate to allow the active ingredients of the ensuing Thalgo Thalassotherapy to work effectively in your tissues. SPA GYM is available to book at selected WellFit spas.


          Power Plate

          Looking for fast results? Then try Power Plate. Available to book at any ROBINSON Club. Power Plate keeps you healthy, fit, and in shape. Book your Power Plate personal trainer now at your ROBINSON Club. Specially trained Power Plate personal trainers are ready to help you reach these goals with Power Plate technology:

          • Improvement in the appearance of your skin and reduction of cellulite 
          • Weight reduction  
          • Muscle building and body shaping 
          • Improvement in strength, flexibility and bone density 
          • Prevention of back pain
        Eine Gruppe macht Übungen für die Beinmuskulatur

        Targeted Training for Your Body — Our Programs

        The range of personal training programs varies at different ROBINSON Clubs. They include cardiovascular training on strength and endurance equipment in fitness studios; small equipment training, such as with slings and foam rollers (ROBINSON CALA SERENA), and large equipment training, such as with Power Plate. Innovative Power Plate technology provides particularly effective workout sessions and is available at all ROBINSON Clubs. A training session of 10 to 30 minutes intensively targets your buttocks, legs, and abdomen. Specially trained Power Plate personal trainers are on hand to support you in body shaping and muscle building, weight reduction, and improved flexibility.

        Yogakurs im ROBINSON Club Agadir

        Our Experts: Qualified Fitness Professionals

        Some ROBINSON Clubs work with a partner company (additional charge) which oversees personal training programs. Like our professional personal trainers at our ROBINSON Clubs all the trainers we work with are qualified experts.

        • Personal equipment and partners

          Many prestigious partners guarantee that our equipment is always up-to-date, of high technical quality and consistent with the latest trends in all our WellFit areas. NIKE is the outfitter for the ROBINS in the area of fitness clothing. Train on fitness equipment from market leaders Technogym and in every club you can utilize the facilities of Power Plate vibration training.

          In selected WellFit spas you will have access to exclusive high-quality cosmetics by THALGO and ST BARTHTOGU is a partner for the WellFit TOP events. Our expert partner for quality assurance in the WellFit spas is the European Wellness Institute (EWI).