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        Bring BODY&MIND into harmony at ROBINSON Club

        Take time out, find peace, let your thoughts flow — ROBINSON BODY&MIND returns body, mind, and inner balance to harmony. ROBINSON BODY&MIND offers Pilates, yoga and Relax & Dream to relax and train your body. Gentle stretching and strength exercises relieve tension while strengthening your muscles — your body will feel fit and supple once more, and you will feel deeply relaxed.

        Body&Mind classes at our resorts

        • Pilates
        • Yoga
        • Relax&Dream
        Ein Mann steht vor zwei anderen Personen an einem Pool auf Holz. Alle machen die gleiche Position. Hinter ihnen sieht man links ein Gebäude und rechts Palmen und Liegen.

        Pilates — gentle training for Body&Mind

        This gentle whole-body training strengthens muscles, nurtures body and mind, relieves tension, and prevents long-term postural problems. Learn this increasingly popular training method and its most important basic exercises at ROBINSON Pilates classes. While you concentrate on the exercises, your mind becomes truly free, allowing you to feel relaxed and refreshed.

        Vier Leute sitzen hinter einer Frau. Alle tragen Sportkleidung und sie sind im Lotussitz.

        Yoga — exercise and meditation for inner and outer wellbeing

        Breathe in, breathe out, be aware of your breathing and body — yoga relaxation exercises and meditation calm body and mind. Learn different Asanas to train your muscles, stimulate your internal organs, and promote your sense of balance. Through meditation you will sharpen your senses and separate the inessential from the essential. Bring body and mind into harmony and utilize your strength — now and each new day!

        Gruppe dehnt sich

        Relax&Dream — extensive stretching exercises for sports people and those looking for relaxation

        Greater flexibility, strengthening muscles and inner balance — these are the fundamentals of ROBINSON Club’s Relax&Dream. The simple stretching exercises promote well-being and are suitable for warming up or cooling down for all winter, water, and ball sports. The final relaxation phase has a positive effect on your inner balance.

        • BODY&MIND - equipment and partners

          Many prestigious partners guarantee that our equipment is always up-to-date, of high technical quality and consistent with the latest trends in all our WellFit areas. NIKE is the outfitter for the ROBINS in the area of fitness clothing. Train on fitness equipment from market leaders Technogym. In every club you can utilize the facilities of Power Plate vibration training.

          In selected WellFit spas you will have access to exclusive high-quality cosmetics by THALGO and ST BARTHTOGU is a partner for the WellFit TOP events. Our expert partner for quality assurance in the WellFit spas is the European Wellness Institute (EWI).

        Body&Mind-offers at these beach resorts