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        Ein Windsurfer segelt von der Kamera gedreht weg. Hinter ihm sieht man Strand, hügelige Landschaften, hinter dem Segel scheint die Sonne.


        Feel the wind at your back - windsurfing with ROBINSON

        You always surf the perfect wave at our ROBINSON clubs offering water sports. If you are an experienced surfer, you can rent professional equipment from state-of-the-art water sports stations. Beginners can learn the best way to catch the wind on one of our windsurfing courses. Summer offers perfect conditions for windsurfing.

        Our sun-kissed ROBINSON clubs ESQUINZO PLAYA, JANDIA PLAYA, CABO VERDEMALDIVES* and SOMA BAY are each a water sports paradise, where you can surf all year round. Head to the beach and hop on your board. And your children? They can compete against their peers in special children's surf courses.

        Ein Windsurfer steht gerade im Wasser. Hinten links ist ebenfalls ein Windsurfer. Hinter dem Kitesurfer ist Land zu sehen.
        Hop on your board!

        Professionel trainers and equipment

        Our ROBINS are professional, fully licensed VDWS (German Association of Water Sport Schools) trainers, who can provide you with daily gear and area instructions, plus state-of-the-art equipment. At most ROBINSON clubs that offer windsurfing, the qualified ROBINS themselves run the courses and theequipment rental. At the ROBINSON clubs MALDIVES, NOONU and FLEESENSEE we work with a partner company. At these clubs you can rent equipment (additional charge) and book courses (additional charge) with our local partner there.

        The mother of all fun sports

        Windsurfing hones your concentration, strengthens muscles, increases self-confidence, and, most importantly, is a whole bunch of fun. An exhilarating combination of adrenaline, constant new challenges, and the sense of community on the surf course make up the unique atmosphere that surrounds this sport. Our water sports stations are open all day. 

        All-inclusive services

        • Surfboard hire on presentation of a recognized surf license or an equivalent certificate of competence with practical experience
        • wet suits, windsurfing harnesses and life jackets

        General information about windsurfing at ROBINSON

        • Windsurfing — equipment and courses

          Already have a windsurfing license and practical experience? Then you can rent your equipment (free of charge) and experience your windsurfing adventures at our club locations. Want to learn how to windsurf during your vacation? Pursue your passion for the sport of wind and waves by taking part in a try-out course. You can then move on to basic courses, refresher sessions, special courses, or private sessions (all at an additional charge) to learn everything you need to master the windsurfing challenges you set yourself on the open water.

          Through our courses you can obtain recognized basic windsurfing certificates and VDWS (Association of German Windsurfing and Watersport Schools) certificates (additional charge) that will allow you to explore the waters of the world — giving you the certainty you need to conquer the waves.

        • Windsurfing — prices and service

          VDWS International Windsurfing Basic License
          Approx. 12 hours (approx. 3–4 days)
          Basic course. Price:  £ 181
          Completion with VDWS basic license: £ 34

          Refresher training
          4 hours (2 days) of practical training after a long break. Price: £ 96

          Special course
          2 hours (1 day) of training, e.g. water starts, beach starts, surfing with a harness, power jibe available upon request. Minimum no. of participants: 3, price: £ 55

          Private session
          60 min., price: £ 55

          Exclusive hire
          1 DAY: from £ 57

          6 DAYS: from £ 239 (price depends on the number of rigs and boards).

          In addition to the free gear hire you can rent state-of-the-art and professional equipment (additional charge). The hire period starts at one day. (If you are hiring exclusive gear we recommend you take out a VDWS Safety Tool insurance package.) For information on prices and availability contact the clubs. The email addresses of the water sports stations can be found on the individual club websites.

          Three is the minimum number of participants for all courses.

          All prices are approximate prices and are subject to change.

        • Windsurfing — kids and teens


          VDWS Basic Course for Children — Windsurf like the Grown-ups

          Children aged 8 and over

          • at all clubs that offer water sports except AGADIR and MALDIVES
          • only available in good weather conditions at CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA and CLUB JANDIA PLAYA
          • windsurfing is available at CLUB SOMA BAY for children aged 7 and over who meet the bodyweight criteria
          • Duration: approx. 8–10 hours
          • Concludes with the CDWS Children's Basic Certificate
          • Concludes with the CDWS Children's Basic Certificate
          • Price: basic course £ 162
          • VDWS Children's Diploma £ 34



          VDWS Basic Windsurfing Course

          for children and young people aged 13 and over at the following clubs: ESQUINZO PLAYA, JANDIA PLAYA, MALDIVES, SOMA BAY and SARIGERME PARK

          • Duration: 10–12 hr.
          • Minimum number of participants: 3 children
          • Price: basic course £ 181
          • Completion: VDWS Basic License £ 34

          All prices are approximate prices and are subject to change.

        Ein Windsurfer surft auf einer Welle.

        Windsurfing in Greece

        Kos, where Poseidon himself rules beneath the waves, is a you will find a perfect spot for windsurfing at the ROBINSON DAIDALOS. A funicular links the club directly to one of the most beautiful water sports areas in Greece. Also at ROBINSON KYLLINI BEACH on the coast of the Western Peloponnese you will enjoy your time on water - whether you are a beginner, advanced windsurfer, or an absolute professional on the board. Equipment rent is included on presentation of your windsurfing license, and courses are available at an additional charge.


        Ein Mann trägt ein Board. Er läuft auf Strand und im Hintergrund sieht man Meer und ein Boot.

        Windsurfing in Turkey

        The ideal location for the whole family to surf the waves together. You will find surfboards in plentiful supply at this wonderful oasis of natural beauty. At this top-class windsurfing spot, we offer courses suitable for you and all the family. After an exhilarating day on the water, relax on the beach and take in the stunning sunsets. The sight of your children returning beaming from windsurfing will bring a big smile to your face! At ROBINSON SARIGERME PARK you will also find perfect conditions for windsurfing. You will be professionally supervised by our licensed instructors, right on the beach of your dreams and with the best equipment.


        Trainer zeigt einem Paar am Strand die Regel des Windsurfens

        Windsurfing in Spain

        Our two resorts on Fuerteventura offer the best conditions for windsurfing. Those who like to stand on the board should not miss a holiday in the Canarian Islands. Numerous windsurf boards and professional instructors are at your disposal at any time - no matter if you are a beginner or pro.



        Drei Windsurfer surfen wahrscheinlich um die Wette.

        Windsurfing in Germany

        At our lakeside location in the idyllic Mecklenburg Lake District you will find a whole range of windsurfing boards waiting for you. Windsurfing in Germany — a very special experience at ROBINSON club. Adults and children aged 8 and over can surf the waves of the lake at the foot of the club.


        Langer Holzsteg,Frau im Bikini,großes Segelboot im Hintergrund auf den Ossiacher See

        Windsurfing in Austria

        ROBINSON LANDSKRON is located directly at the lake Ossiach. The lake offers optimal conditions for windsurfing, especially for beginners. During our weekly taster lessons you can start your first attempts on the board in a relaxed manner. Our licensed instructors will of course help you with words and deeds.


        Surfer sitzt auf seinem Surfbrett am Strand und schaut aufs Meer

        Windsurfing in Egypt

        A top-class water sports area, strong winds, and the warm Egyptian sun — the perfect combination to start your windsurfing adventures at ROBINSON SOMA BAY. Whether you are a novice or a pro, the ideal windsurfing conditions await you on the water and unforgettable evenings await your return at the club after a perfect day of windsurfing.

        More on ROBINSON SOMA BAY

        Wasserbungalows, Hütten auf dem Wasser, Meer, Strand, Malediven

        Windsurfing in Maldives

        In our two resorts in Maldives you literally surf in paradise. No matter if beginner or pro, probably nobody wants to get off the board here anymore. You can rent high quality windsurfing equipment as well as neoprene and life jackets (for a fee, external providers). At NOONU you can also book windsurfing courses and acquire different certificates and licences (for a fee, third party supplier) and all this in a very relaxed way during your holiday.

        More on ROBINSON MALDIVES 
        More on ROBINSON NOONU

        Windsurfer beim Surfen auf dem Meer

        Windsurfing on the Cape Verde Islands

        350 days of sunshine a year, a wonderful view of the turquoise Atlantic Ocean and of course ideal conditions for windsurfing await you at ROBINSON CABO VERDE. Our water sports centre is open all day and offers daily material and spot instruction as well as modern, technically high-quality equipment.


        NEW at ROBINSON: Foiling


        Are they flying over the water? Something like that! Foiling is the absolute trend in water sports. But the new technology does not only look spectacular - it is a real innovation! The winglike foils underneath the surfboards reduce displacement and frictional resistance, so that high speeds can be reached even in light winds. An absolute must for surfers! Now for example at ROBINSON SOMA BAY , ROBINSON DAIDALOS and at ROBINSON JANDIA PLAYA.

        • ROBINSON Clubs that offer windsurfing activities

          ROBINSON APULIA, Italy (summer)

          ROBINSON DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)

          ROBINSON KYLLINI BEACH, Greece (summer)

          ROBINSON ESQUINZO PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON JANDIA PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON FLEESENSEE*, Germany (summer)

          ROBINSON LANDSKRON, Austria (summer)

          ROBINSON MALDIVES*, Maldives (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON NOONU*, Maldives (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON PAMFILYA, Turkey (summer)

          ROBINSON SARIGERME PARK, Turkey (summer)

          ROBINSON SOMA BAY, Egypt (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON CABO VERDE, Cape Verde (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON CYPRUS, Cyprus (summer)

        • Windsurfing — equipment and partners

          Our specially selected cooperation partners will ensure that you have access to top-of-the-range equipment, whichever water sport you choose. Fanatic guarantees the very best stand-up paddling, kitesurfing and surfing gear. For windsurfing North Sails provides us with high-quality sails. 

          All water sports stations receive their licenses and training material from the German Association of Water Sport Schools (Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersport Schulen e.V., VDWS). Partner companies may also provide equipment from other manufacturers. The company Seilflechter equips our water sports stations with the best quality ropes.

        Services marked with a * can be booked on site with at external company for at additional charge. These services are not provided by ROBINSON or your travel operator!