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        Ride the Perfect Wave with ROBINSON

        Exclusive to ROBINSON AGADIR: surfing is available throughout the year from a partner company. As a newcomer, you will find the perfect beginners’ area at the beach of ROBINSON AGADIR. But even expert surfers are continuously challenged by the waves. Courses for different difficulty levels will teach you the art of riding a wave perfectly — with premium equipment available on site.You will learn the basics of surfing among like-minded people in small groups. Whether you prefer standing on your board or experiencing the power of the waves on a bodyboard — having fun is always the objective. Test your strengths in the water — in a group or on your own. And after a successful session, simply relax on the beach and reflect on the day — that is surfing at ROBINSON.

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        The Perfect Wave

        Equipment and Courses

        Whether you’re surfing the waves standing or lying down on a bodyboard, you’ll be captivated from day one. Regardless if you’re a beginner, advanced, pro, or expert, we want to share our passion for surfing with you and give you a wonderful time. 

        With excellent training and equipment (additional charge), the surfers at our partner company, Taddanga Surf, will turn your vacation into a fantastic experience. Come with us on unforgettable and adventurous excursions (additional charge) to the most thrilling Moroccan surfing spots of Taghazout, Tamraght, and Agadir.

        Surfing is More Than Just a Sport

        Surfing is a way of life. Let the enthusiasm of our highly motivated team infect you. What should you bring with you? Heaps of positive energy and the spirit of adventure — then nothing can stand in the way of an unforgettable surfing experience. Originating in Hawaii, surfing is the mother of all trend sports and stands for fun and lifestyle. Surfing offers a unique combination of beach life, closeness to nature and a relaxed attitude to everyday things.

        • Surfing/Bodyboarding - Children and young people


          Kids (beginners): 2 hours (1 day), 10–14 years, price: €30.00.

          Min. number of participants: 3 children, max. number of participants: 6 children



          For children (beginners): 6 hours (3–4 days), 10–13 years. Max. number of participants: 4, price: €85.00

          For children (advanced): 6 hours (3–4 days), 10–13 years, price: €85.00 

          Min. number of participants: 3 children, max. number of participants: 4

        • Surfing/Bodyboarding - Adults



          from €10  per hour.

          Beginners course

          6 hours (3–4 days), from the age of 14, price: €85


          6 hours (3–4 days), from the age of 14, price: €85

          Number of participants for all courses

          min. 3, max. 6




          Private lesson

          60 mins, price €45



          to the best surfing spots in the area: 1–5-daily excursions (including packed lunch). Further information here.




          from €5 per hour.

          Beginners course

          2 hours (1 day). Max. number of participants: 6, price: €30

          Private lesson 

          60 mins, price €19. The minimum number of participants for all courses is 3.

        Surfer beim Wellenreiten im Meer

        Surf the perfect wave at — ROBINSON AGADIR

        Exclusive to ROBINSON AGADIR: learn the art of surfing in professional surfing and bodyboarding courses (additional charge). With its endless beaches, the Moroccan coast provides the best conditions for a wonderful course experience. Set out from the large ROBINSON resort with the Atlantic ocean right on its doorstep. An ideal beginners’ area is located in front of the dunes, but there are also spots here presenting more experienced surfers a challenge. In small groups with personal supervision you’ll soon get the hang of things.  


        Ein Mann der ein gelbes Surfbrett trägt

        Surfing in summer and winter — ROBINSON AGADIR

        Agadir is the ideal place to get away from winter at home and surf point breaks. From the end of October to the beginning of May, the Atlantic waves offer fantastic conditions for surfing and bodyboarding. In the summer months the waves are more moderate, which means great fun is still guaranteed for beginners. Set in perfect conditions on the sunny Moroccan coast, we provide personal support, a whole load of fun, and the sense of safety at all times. We look forward to finding the perfect wave with you!


        • ROBINSON Clubs That Offer Surfing/Bodyboarding
          Zwei Surfer die ihre Boards in Sand gesteckt haben und eine Runde entspannen

          The feeling of riding a wave cannot be described — you have to experience it for yourself. We're waiting for you! ROBINSON AGADIR*, Morocco (summer and winter)

        Services marked with a * can be booked on site with an external company for an additional charge.These services are not provided by ROBINSON or your travel operator!