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        Ein weißer Katamaran mit weiß-rotem Segel. Ein Mann und eine Frau tragen schwarz-orangene Schwimmwesten und sitzen auf der linken Seite des Katamarans. Der Katamaran befindet sich in deutlicher Schieflage, sodass sich der linke Rumpf in der Luft befindet. Der Himmel ist blau mit kleinen Schleierwolken und der Katamaran ist von Wasser umgeben.

        Catamaran Sailing

        Hard to the Wind and Close to the Water — Catamaran Sailing at ROBINSON

        The wind whistling in your ears, the spray foaming, the water rushing by below you: this is your ROBINSON sailing vacation. Catamaran sailing along some of the most beautiful waterways there are, with first-class equipment and professional VDWS (association of German windsurfing and water sport schools) instructors — what are you still waiting for? Once you have your

        catamaran certificate, you can take out a catamaran for free and set sail. Enjoy the perfect sailing vacation beneath glorious sunny skies even in the winter months. Book your sailing course at our watersports club and brave the wind and water.

        Professional sailing courses

        Trained VDWS instructors await you for try-out lessons (free), sailing courses (additional charge), and regattas at our all-day ROBINSON water sports stations. The ROBINSON Watersports Learning System follows the VDWS (German Association of Watersport Schools) concept. Over the course of several mornings you have the opportunity to get your internationally-recognized VDWS basic catamaran license, certifying you as an experienced sailor.

        High quality equipment

        If you already have a catamaran certificate or equivalent sailing certificate, you can simply take out a catamaran for free (1 hour/day). Want more? Then rent your own exclusive catamaran and professional equipment for your vacation at selected clubs (additional charge).

        Services included

        • Catamaran hire upon presentation of a catamaran certificate or an equivalent certificate of competency with practical experience
        • Wetsuits, sail trapezes and life jackets

        Services & Prices

        • Sailing for Adults — Services and Prices


          120 mins, price: £ 153


          VDWS international catamaran basic license

          approx. 10–12 hours (3–4 days)
          Catamaran basic course: £ 202
          Certification with Basic License VDWS: £ 34

          Refresher or lateral entry courses

          4 hours (2 days) practical training after a long break or lateral entry course for dinghy sailors.
          Price: £ 105

          Special course

          2 hours (1 day) training, e.g. trapeze, double trapeze, regatta jibe or regatta technique.
          Price: £ 59

          Private lesson

          60 mins, price: £ 58

          Exclusive hire

          Hire period from 1 day, catamaran and equipment, only possible with sufficient skill level and Safety Tool, prices vary
          Three is the minimum number of participants for all courses.

          All prices are approximate prices and are subject to change.

        • Sailing for Children — Services and Prices


          VDWS basic course for children aged 10 and over. Approx. 8–10 hours (3–4 days), course: £ 162, VDWS children's diploma: £ 34.


          Junior sailing: VDWS catamaran basic course aged 13 and above. 10–12 hours, €177. VDWS basic license: £ 34.

          All prices are approximate prices and are subject to change.

        Ein Segel-Katamaran ist mitten im Meer. Im Hintergrund ist noch in klein Land zu erkennen. Auf dem Segel-Katamaran sind zwei Menschen zu sehen. Das Segel ist weiß rot gestreift.

        Catamaran sailing for beginners and advanced

        Cast off and set sail! If you trust yourself, attach yourself to the trapeze and be swept along with the waves. Sailing on catamarans is one of the most beautiful watersports experiences there is. The light boats with the two hulls are sporty and even move quickly when there is not much wind thanks to their large sails — a fascinating sailing experience for beginners and professionals.

        On our fully equipped catamaran you will learn to tack, jibe and to observe the right of way. And if you already have a catamaran certificate, simply present it at the watersports station and you can hire a catamaran for free.

        Zwei Personen segeln auf einem Katamaran. Im Hintergrund sieht man eine bergige Landschaft.

        Gennaker sailing and the ROBINSON Catamaran Weeks

        Gennaker sailing is a particular challenge where you have to hold your boat steady on broad reach or beam reach. Sailing with a gennaker, which originated in regatta sport, will completely intoxicate you. You can book courses (additional charge) at ROBINSON APULIAÇAMYUVA, DAIDALOS, ESQUINZO PLAYA, JANDIA PLAYA, SARIGERME PARK and SOMA BAY.