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        Ein Mann mit einem Kite im Arm agiert mit einem Hund. Sie laufen fast an der Wasserkante am Strand. Rechts im Hintergrund stehen Leute mit einem Auto. Allgemein im Hintergrund erkennt man Palmen.


        Kitesurfing - Experience the trend sport on the water

        Kitesurfing in Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus, Cape Verde, Maldives and Fuerteventura  — allowing you to experience the sensation of flying! Learn kitesurfing as a beginner at professional kitesurfing schools close to the ROBINSON clubs DJERBA BAHIYA, CABO VERDEMALDIVESNOONUSOMA BAY as well as directly at the ROBINSON ESQUINZO PLAYA and CYPRUS. The diverse range of kitesurfing courses will awake a new passion in you and allow you to perfect your jumps as an advanced kitesurfer. Both summer and winter offer the ideal conditions for kitesurfing at these ROBINSON clubs. Are you ready to battle the elements?

        Drei Kiter kiten fast an der Wasserkante. Auf dem dünnen Strandarm stehen Palmen, und andere grüne Pflanzen. Rechts sieht man Ansätze eines Berges.

        A small board, a huge kite, and you between the two! Blue sky above and the vast blue ocean below. Even the lightest breeze lifts you up into the air, where the wind sets you flying again and again. Never has a water sport been so breathtaking! Experience kitesurfing as part of your ROBINSON club vacation.

        • Kitesurfing - equipment and partners

          Our specially selected cooperation partners will ensure that you have access to top-of-the-range equipment, whichever water sport you choose. Naish guarantees the very best stand-up paddling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing gear. All the watersports stations receive their licenses and training material from the Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersport Schulen e.V. (VDWS, association of German windsurfing and watersport schools). There may be equipment from other manufacturers at the external companies.

        • Kitesurfing at ROBINSON
          Ein Mann mit einem Kite im Arm agiert mit einem Hund. Sie laufen fast an der Wasserkante am Strand. Rechts im Hintergrund stehen Leute mit einem Auto. Allgemein im Hintergrund erkennt man Palmen.

          ROBINSON SOMA BAY, Egypt (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON DJERBA BAYHIA, Tunisia (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON ESQUINZO PLAYA, Fuerteventura (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON CABO VERDE, Cape Verde (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON CYPRUS, CYPRUS (March - November)

          ROBINSON MALDIVES, Maldives (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON NOONU, Maldives (summer and winter)

        • All about Kitesurfing

          Born in 1996 in Hawaii, kitesurfing has rightly earned its place as ahugely popular trend sport. The playful tussle against the wind, the moments of weightlessness— these are what make kitesurfing so fascinating. As a curious newcomer you will discover your new passion in beginner courses (additional charge); as a pro you can still learn a lot from the instructors between the wind and the waves. Fly meters up into the air and master the wind. Kitesurfing trains your whole body, and rising into the air feels effortless. Returning from a day out of the water, everything falls away from you and you leave the beach with the wonderful feeling of having really pushed yourself.

          We work closely with kitesurfing schools to offer courses (additional charge) for every level at our kitesurfing spots, helping you get the most from your kitesurfing adventure. Our selected equipment providers also ensure that you’re always fitted out with the best equipment (additional charge) for taking to the air. Kitesurfing is always possible at selected spots after consultation with the head of water sports. This provides you with the safety and peace of mind you need to surpass yourself.

        Our kitesurfing highlights

        Man sieht einen Kite aus der Perspektive von oben. Unten ist eine Person auf dem Brett und fährt mit dem Kite über das Wasser. Weiter rechts stehen Leute auf einer Sandbank.

        Kitesurfing on Fuerteventura

        Risco del Paso, with its wide beach and shallow lagoon, is a unique spot close to the ROBINSON Esquinzo Playa where you can learn kitesurfing or improve your existing skills. The local kitesurfing center in the water sports base of the club offers training courses for all levels several times a day. In the courses you can also acquire or improve the VDWS Kitesurf license (for a fee, transfer included). There is also a wide range of the latest North Kiteboarding equipment available for hire (for a fee, licence required). So get on the board and experience the unique power of the kites!


        Zwei Männer stehen an einem Drachen und im Hintergrund sieht man orangene Felsen.

        Kitesurfing in Egypt

        The enormous shallow lagoon of Soma Bay is one of the most popular kitesurfing areas in the world. Crystal clear, warm water, reliable wind — here you will find the ideal conditions for beginners and more experienced kitesurfers. From the ROBINSON SOMA BAY our shuttle service takes you directly to the kite school (foreign company), where you can rent your equipment (for a fee) and book the perfect course (for a fee) for your kite level.


        Zwei Menschen kiten auf türkis-blauem Meer

        Kitesurfing in Tunisia

        ROBINSON Djerba Bahiya is a perfect kitesurfing location in Tunisia. The island of Djerba is ideal for kitesurfing with its steady, light winds. You can learn to kitesurf quickly and safely in the 40 square kilometres of shallow water. Nearby the resort there is a local kitesurfing school (transfer available, free of charge) that offer courses for beginners and advanced learners (for a fee).

        Equipment can be hired on site for additional fee. Do you bring your own kite boarding equipment? Then use the package with shuttle service, guarded storage and rescue service (for a fee).


        Kitesurfer im Meer

        Kitesurfing in Cape Verde

        Have you always wanted to try kiting? Then you can learn it at ROBINSON CABO VERDE: from beginner to advanced. Take off and float over the water! Experience the kite paradise on the Cape Verde Islands. Discover our kite station in front of the ROBINSON CABO VERDE, where we offer you approx. 75 kites and boards for kiting. The kite beach can be reached within 5-10 minutes. Enjoy your kite holiday in the beautiful setting of the ROBINSON Club.


        The services marked with an * can be booked for a special payment in a foreign company on the spot. These are not services of ROBINSON or your tour operator!