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        Eine Frau die beim Schnorcheln einige Korallen sieht


        Diving - float away with ROBINSON

        Take a deep breath because ROBINSON has stunning dive sites waiting to be explored by you. Spend the whole summer exploring an enthralling underwater world with trained diving instructors at the ROBINSON clubs APULIA*, CALA SERENA*, ÇAMYUVA*, FLEESENSEE*, MALDIVES*, NOONU and SOMA BAY.

        In the Maldives and Egypt, diving conditions remain perfect throughout winter. Beneath the water’s surface a vivid world of strange plants, animals, and rock formations waiting for you. Come with us on a journey of discovery at our ROBINSON clubs.

        Offers for divers

        ROBINSON SOMA BAY offers free try-out sessions, single dives, and courses. At other ROBINSON diving clubs, we work in close cooperation with partner companies. There you have the opportunity to attend diving school courses and enjoy vibrant underwater worlds during your diving vacation next door to the club.

        Come visit us all year round to experience your ROBINSON diving vacation. Our ROBINS are experienced explorers eager to induct you into the secrets of the underwater world and take you to the best dive sites.

        Diving courses and requirements

        We provide try-out sessions to give you an initial impression of the sport without a diving license. By attending the courses detailed below you will attain your diving license and learn about many facets of the sport. Depending on the dive center, we offer various specialties with single dives and courses (additional charge).

        Attending courses requires a medical certificate of fitness to dive. Diving in small groups allows you to experience the exhilaration of diving with particular intensity. Taking responsibility for each other as you discover together this strange world and its tranquility beneath the waves is an experience you will remember for years to come. Back on the boat, you have the chance to reflect and let the magic linger — this is diving the ROBINSON way.

        Professional equipment

        • All ROBINSON diving centers are either members of Scuba Schools International (SSI) or the German Associations of German Sports Divers (IAC/VDST/CMAS).
        • All club diving instructors and those from our partner companies are trained to the relevant association standards and experienced professionals in their area.
        • All our dive boats are fully kitted out with the required equipment, such as oxygen cylinders, and safety precautions, such as first aid kit and radio.
        • For your own safety, we do not recommend diving 24 hours before you fly!

        General information about diving at ROBINSON

        • Diving for adults


          Open Water Diver

          3–5 days, 14 years of age and over, basic theory and practical training for beginners to achieve diving certification. Includes training material, exam fee and Open Water Diver (OWD) certification.

          Speciality Diver

          2 specialties, 3 dives


          Various specialties are available depending on the club.


          Holiday Diving

          2–3 private taster sessions including video training as an introduction to diving, theory and sea diving (without certification/license).

          Stress Rescue

          Accident management, stress prevention, rescue exercises, video training, land and shallow-water training.



          Single dive

          Complete dive including boat trip.

          Package of six dives

          Six complete dives including boat trip.

          You will get information about the prices on the spot as they vary depending on club and provider.

        • Diving and swimming - kids and teens


          At clubs MALDIVES, APULIA* and SOMA BAY, children can take their first steps into diving under the instruction of specially trained children's instructors and guides and in accordance to internationally recognized guidelines. (Also possible in pool.)



          For children aged 12 and over. Basic theory and practical training to achieve diving certification. Exam fee, training materials, and certification included in price. Same program as Open-Water Diver, for ages 12 and over (at clubs MALDIVES and SOMA BAY), 3–5 days.

        • ROBINSON clubs that offer diving
          Drei Taucher vorm Tauchgang vor einer Insel

          There are diving experiences and new, fascinating underwater worlds just waiting to be discovered!

          ROBINSON CALA SERENA*, Spain (summer)

          ROBINSON KHAO LAK*, Thailand (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON MALDIVES*, Maldives (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON NOONU*, Maldives (summer and winter)

          ROBINSON SOMA BAY, Egypt (summer and winter)

        • Diving - equipment and partners

          TOP PARTNERS

          Kitted out with the best equipment, you can explore the breathtaking sights below the surface of lakes and oceans. Your diving instructor will be by your side as you take to the water for the first time.  

          All ROBINSON dive centers are run by Scuba Schools International (SSI), PADI or the German Association of Sports Divers (VDST, CMAS). As with the dive centers, the dive boats are equipped with all necessary devices such as oxygen cylinders, first aid kit and radio. Mares is the official partner and outfitter for ROBINSON dive centers.

        Drei Taucher vorm Tauchgang vor einer Insel

        Diving in paradise - ROBINSON MALDIVES

        The atolls of the Maldives form some of the most stunning diving sites in the world. So naturally the ROBINS have settled here to be able to go diving with you at ROBINSON MALDIVES and NOONU. Untouched coral reefs and breathtaking species of fish await you at the stunning club reefs and outer reefs. Our partner companies offer an extensive range of courses, as well as exciting excursions and experiences such as drift diving (additional charge). Sets of premium diving equipment are available to rent on site (additional charge).



        Beneath the red sea - ROBINSON SOMA BAY

        The enchanting cove of ROBINSON SOMA BAY is ideal for those wishing to experience the unrivaled underwater world of the Red Sea close up and throughout the year. One of the region's largest diving centers is located at the club, boasting a legendary panoramic reef that falls sharply away to a depth of 238 feet. This vibrant underwater world is absolutely fascinating with its array of species, including hundreds of different anemone, clown fish, barracudas, anthiinae, and shoals of sardines.


        Vier Taucher die sich noch an der Wasseroberfläche befinden

        Everything but boring - Diving in Thailand

        At ROBINSON KHAO LAK, daily diving and snorkeling excursions* to fascinating diving spots in and around Khao Lak await you from November to April. Discover the rich underwater world and enjoy weightlessness. Special courses* such as Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Stress & Rescue as well as Nitrox courses can also be completed.


        Dive spots (almost) on your doorstep - Diving in Majorca

        From the ROBINSON CALA SERENA you can easily reach the most beautiful reefs of the island in a maximum of 15 minutes. From species-rich seagrass meadows to grottos, whose breathtaking play of light fascinates even experienced divers. An absolute highlight are the diving areas in the southeast of Mallorca.


        Services marked with a * can be booked on site with an external company for an additional charge. These services are not provided by ROBINSON or your travel operator!