A thrilling experience — rafting with ROBINSON

Action and excitement at the very heart of nature — experience rafting during your ROBINSON CLUB holiday! In the summer, you can book local rafting tours at the ROBINSON CLUBS AMADÉ, AMPFLWANG, ÇAMYUVA, PLAYA GRANADA, SCHLANITZEN ALM and SCHWEIZERHOF

As a group, you will learn to master rapids and raging rivers. Experienced guides will be on hand to show you how to conquer the unbridled power of the river. Simply rent the equipment on site, and then you are ready to set off on your rafting adventure.


When you are rafting, adrenaline rushes through your body like water along the riverbed. Experience the wild side of water when your rubber raft glides through the mountain river rapids. Conquering the power of water as a team requires concentration and teamwork — a shared experience, in which everyone plays an equal role!


The exhilarating tours can be booked on site with an external company. The rafting experts will teach you the basics of rafting and issue the right commands at full speed, when you have to execute a maneuver. To ensure your safety in the wild canyons and raging rivers, you will be provided with the very best equipment and professional support. Our partner company will supply you with a wet suit, including shoes, life jacket and helmet, on site. Then it's off on a new ROBINSON holiday adventure!

Rafting in Austria —
In the unrivaled landscape of the Austrian mountains one thing is certain: the emphasis is on outdoor fun! The Salzburg state around the ROBINSON CLUB AMADÉ, the unspoiled nature of the Hausruckwald at CLUB AMPFLWANG, and the impressive alpine world of CLUB SCHLANITZEN ALM are the perfect settings for hiking, climbing and, in particular, for rafting adventures. And back at the club you can wind down with your individually selected wellness program.

Rafting in Turkey —
This very unique thrill is all part of the action in ÇAMYUVA — rafting on the mountain rivers of Turkey is an experience like no other!
Those traveling alone will experience group dynamics and team spirit in the most intensive way possible. Want to experience rafting with your partner?
On these tours, you will both discover a new side of one another; that will truly bring you closer together! And when you return from the wild waters, it's off to a wild ÇAMYUVA party.

Robinson clubs that offer rafting

If you want to experience the world of rafting in all its diversity, visit us at the following ROBINSON CLUBS:
CLUB AMADÉ, Austria (summer)
CLUB AMPFLWANG, Austria (summer)
CLUB ÇAMYUVA, Turkey (summer)

CLUB SCHLANITZEN ALM, Austria (summer)

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