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        Frau hält einen Teller mit Müsli und Obst


        The culinary anti-stress program for every day of the year

        A sensible, healthy diet is essential for those seeking to harmonize body and mind. Our delicious WellFood at all ROBINSON Clubs offers balanced meals rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Devised by licensed nutritionist Silvie Gilbert, the WellFood concept consists of creative, varied, innovative cuisine using mainly local ingredients to provide energy and balance for the whole body. A special WellFood area in the main restaurant lets you sampletasty dishes made with regional ingredients, without having to count the calories. Our range of low-fat dishes with high-quality proteins are not only healthy, but also increase joy levels. A total of 14 new Felicity Food dishes on the ROBINSON menu is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The secret lies in the choice of ingredients, which boost production of “happiness” hormone serotonin.

        Koch befüllt einen Mixer mit Obst

        What is WellFood?

        Carrot-apple muesli for breakfast, wild rice and lentils with coconut for lunch, and a pike-perch fillet served with oranges and vegetables for dinner. The creativity and professionalism of our chefs allows them conjure up the very best dishes using regional ingredients and offer you unique taste experiences.

        If you find hunger striking between meals, our WellFood station is open throughout the day, offering freshly prepared vegetable and fruit shakes, such as pear and basil, apple and mint, cucumber and ginger, or papaya and carrot. Sheer pleasure and the knowledge that you are making the healthy choice — that's what WellFood is all about.


        The WellFood preparation process

        When preparing WellFood dishes our chefs focus on excellent quality which you can taste. Locally sourced products have absolute priority, meaning that you will find fresh local produce on the menu every day, and have the chance to experience local culinary traditions.Cooking methods that retain nutrients, such as short cooking times, ensure that you get all of the goodness from the ingredients we use. This helps to eliminate excessive fat from the outset and all of our dishes are based on the very latest nutritional findings, with many coming from the traditions of Ayurveda.

        Gesundes Essen beim WellFood bei ROBINSON

        WellFood — savor the goodness

        More vitamins and bio-active ingredients, less fat and high-quality proteins — this is the WellFood concept. Our tasty low-carb dishes indulge heart and mind, while providing your body with precisely what it needs: vitamins for a strong immune system and healthy nerve system, minerals to strengthen teeth and bones, and protein to supply tissue and cells. Our chefs avoid excessive fat, as low-fat dishes are not only healthier but easier to digest too, promoting a general sense of well-being.


        Frau hält einen Teller mit Salat

        A balanced diet for your sports and activities holiday

        A light and healthy diet is a vital part of an active wellness vacation. After a day of sport and relaxation, what your body needs most is food high in protein and low in carbohydrates — which is exactly what you will find at the buffet in our special WellFood area. Here you can indulge to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge that you are doing your body good. So, take time to savor the experience of fueling up on vitamins, minerals, and proteins with the delicious dishes on offer at our WellFood station.



        WellFood as part of the ROBINSON Wellfit concept

        WellFood is one of the five pillars that make up our WellFit concept. These are GroupFitness, Body&Mind, PersonalTraining, WellFit Spa, and our balanced WellFood cuisine. This combination of culinary delicacies, beneficial wellness treatments and fitness programs help you find yourself again and restore your inner balance.

        • WellFood Mountain

          WellFood Mountain brings the best products of our region to your plate in our mountain resorts. And it is also really healthy and sustainable. Fresh ingredients and local products are the main focus. Let us surprise you every evening anew:

          CLUB ALPENROSE ZÜRS, Austria (winter)

          CLUB AMADÉ, Austria (summer and winter)

          CLUB AROSA, Switzerland (winter)

          CLUB LANDSKRON, Austria (summer and winter)

          CLUB SCHLANITZEN ALM, Austria (summer and winter)