Siemens lifeKochschule (cookery school)
Welcome to the gourmets

Creative cuisine to the highest standards: a world of culinary delights awaits at Siemens lifeKochschule (cooking school). Our ROBINSON expert chefs will initiate you into their culinary secrets and show you how to cook to a professional standard. Mobile kitchen modules are provided for you to 

knead, chop, and stir to your heart's content. In summer, you can even cook in the open air. Let the experts inspire you with their tricks and creative ideas. The perfect vacation experience.


How to fillet a fish, how to cook the perfect medium steak and how to conjure exotic dishes with fresh herbs — at Siemens lifeKochschule (cooking school) you will experience first-hand how to transform fresh, mostly regional ingredients into sensational culinary creations. Our experienced chefs will teach you simple tricks for everyday cooking and even some of their well-guarded gourmet secrets. Together with other food enthusiasts you will wash vegetables, stir sauces, and get your creative juices flowing — a unique vacation experience for all gourmet and amateur chefs!


To create exquisite dishes you need to have the very best ingredients. That's why all our ROBINSON restaurants pay particular attention to the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Priority is given to local produce, which avoids the need for long transport distances — and also because the latest international cuisine once again recognizes the importance of using regional and seasonal ingredients. For instance, at a Siemens lifeKochschule (cookery school) in southern Mediterranean climes you will cook with fresh fish, Mediterranean vegetables, and fruit, while at CLUB FLEESENSEE the focus is placed on north German produce, such as fish from the Baltic, cabbage, potatoes, or sea buckthorn. You will have the chance to try the unique taste experience of these creations yourself at the end of the course, when you all sit down to enjoy the wonderful dishes you have created together.


Open-air cooking
What amateur chef could resist? The Siemens lifeKochschule (cooking school), fully equipped mobile cooking modules, combines exceptional cuisine with state-of-the-art technology. Our cookery courses at ROBINSON CLUBS in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Turkey take place out in the open when weather permits — an absolute highlight for all sun-seeking amateur chefs.

A culinary vacation
The finest meat and fish specialties, imaginatively prepared vegetable creations, and fine wines — welcome to a taste sensation at your ROBINSON CLUB. ROBINSON CLUBS such as FLEESENSEE, NOBILIS, APULIA and QUINTA DA RIA are just waiting welcome you to their Siemens lifeKochschule (cookery school).

ROBINSON Clubs that offer a Siemens lifeKochschule (cookery school)


CLUB AMADÉ, Austria (summer)
CLUB AMPFLWANG, Austria (summer)
CLUB APULIA, Italy (summer)
CLUB ÇAMYUVA, Turkey (summer)
CLUB DAIDALOS, Greece (summer)
CLUB ESQUINZO PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)
CLUB FLEESENSEE, Germany (summer)
CLUB JANDIA PLAYA, Spain (summer and winter)

CLUB LANDSKRON, Austria (summer and winter)
CLUB NOBILIS, Turkey (summer and winter)
CLUB QUINTA DA RIA, Portugal (summer and winter)
CLUB SARIGERME PARK, Turkey (summer)
CLUB SCHWEIZERHOF, Switzerland (summer)

Siemens lifekochschule (cookery school) — equipment and partners

Qualified partners

On our SIEMENS lifeKochschule (cookery school) cookery courses our guests learn how to get the very best out of seasonal ingredients from their chosen holiday destination under the supervision of our ROBINSON chefs. Equipment provided by our partner SIEMENS featuring state-of-the-art cooking technology ensures that nothing gets burned and all dishes come out of the oven smelling delicious and cooked to perfection.

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