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        Kindergruppe auf einer Bühne


        Holidays with kids 3-12 years

        Making new friends, playing together, or discovering new sports: a ROBINSON CLUB vacation is a special experience for children aged 3 to 12. Sit back and enjoy your vacation while your children are in the wonderfully capable hands of our ROBINS. During peak vacation periods we offer varied programs, including thrilling adventure games, excursions, tournaments, and show programs — in short, everything that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your children's faces. With age-appropriate childcare for small groups of children, a ROBINSON CLUB family vacation lets everyone takes things at their own pace!

        Kind spielt mit einem Betreuer in einem Bällebecken und lacht dabei

        Childcare — quality counts

        The ROBY CLUB CLASSIC program is openly available to all children as long as numbers remain low, and children can take part however it suits them.

        Our ROBY CLUB CLASSIC age-appropriate vacation programs are developed by experienced family experts. The Minis (3–6 years), Maxis (7–9 years), and Kids (10–12 years) groups are looked after by dedicated ROBINS, who are pedagogically trained and know how to capture the imaginations of both younger and older children. If the number of children at a club is low, age groups may be merged.

        Fun, games, and adventure for Maxis and Kids

        Our diverse games and sports programs quickly help your children find new friends. Each day is a special experience, with treasure hunts, nature-exploring games, night walks, and more, Maxis and Kids are guaranteed to have plenty of fun.

        In the winter we bring jolly snowmen to life and Mr. Punch regularly visits with his friends to entertain the Minis with his exciting adventures with Judy. After dinner, all the Minis get together again to dance and sing at the ROBY’S children's disco.

        Mehrere Kinder sitzen zusammen und kriegen von der Betreuerin ein Buch vorgelesen

        Your child's dream vacation

        All kids can't wait to tell everyone at kindergarten or school what they did during the holidays and their adventures with ROBY CLUB CLASSIC will have them talking about them for ages. You can count on our creative ROBINS children's team! And mom and dad can enjoy their vacation safe in the knowledge that their children are having fun and being well looked after. Minis, aged 3–6 years, can look forward to a wonderful range of activities during their vacation, including building imaginative sandcastles in the summer to enjoying entertaining puppet theater.