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        Mehrere Kinder sitzen zusammen und kriegen von der Betreuerin ein Buch vorgelesen

        ROBY CLUB

        Family holiday fun: family holidays with kids 2-6 years

        Calling all children — your vacation starts here! Games, children's sports and creative workshops: on a ROBINSON family holiday your children will experience so many new things every day in FOR FAMILY Clubs from 2-6 years and in FOR ALL Clubs from 3-6 years. Adventure, action and fantastic experiences await all guests in the ROBY CLUB. In our offers for SUPER MINIS (2 years / FOR FAMILY), MINIS and MAXIS (3-4 and 5-6 years) your children can make new friends, experience little adventures and play as they wish in a protected environment and under the loving care of our ROBINS.


        ROBY CLUB: Lots of Fun

        The ROBY CLUB is an openly available childcare service run during set hours by our ROBINS. Creative play ideas involving painting, arts and crafts, singing, and playing allow your children to meet others their own age and forge new friendships.

        Kindergarteners and children just starting school are in their element at ROBY CLUB. Each child has a designated ROBIN to take excellent care of them and who acts as your contact person.

        Kids 3-4 years: MINIS

        Playing in the sand, splashing in the water, or romping through the snow — wherever your ROBINSON club is, our ROBINS are there to entertain your little ones with imaginative and exciting games. They will organize your children's day with great sensitivity and creativity. Highlights for MINIS include a children's disco, story times, and puppet theater.

        Kids 5-6 years: MAXIS

        We have an exciting program of activities lined up for older children: treasure hunts, outdoor adventure games, tournaments, and trivia games will test your children's knowledge and encourage them to excel. At our ROBINSON mountain clubs Maxis can take to the slopes in winter themselves. Our ROBINS help make your children's first turns in the snow great fun, looking after them as they play in the snow and enjoy fun winter adventures at the skiing school.